Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in United Kingdom ( Updated 2023)

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The printed circuit board (PCB) industry in the United Kingdom has a long history of technology innovation and manufacturing excellence. From early beginnings in supporting the consumer electronics and military sectors, UK PCB makers have constantly expanded capabilities across a diverse range of products – from single-sided boards to multicore HDI, from quick-turn prototypes to high volume off-shore production.

This article provides a detailed overview of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in the UK along with their capabilities, services, facilities and key information to help select the right partner for your PCB sourcing needs.

We rank the leading manufacturers based on factors like capabilities, technology access, years in business, quality certifications and customer reviews.

Overview of Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in UK

1. Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions

Cobham AES is a leading manufacturer of hi-reliability PCBs serving the defense, aerospace, space and medical sectors. They offer specialized technologies including polyimide flex-rigid circuits and cross-linked PTFE substrates for extreme temperature applications.

Location: Stevenage, England


  • Rigid, flex, rigid-flex PCBs
  • High density interconnects
  • Hi-temperature, microwave materials
  • Fast turnaround engineering builds
  • Conformal coating, potting

Industries Served: Defense, space, aerospace, satellite, medical

Certifications: AS9100, ISO9001, ISO14001

Clients: Airbus, BAE Systems, RUAG, Lockheed Martin, NASA

2. Cambridge Circuit Company (C3)

For over 35 years, Cambridge Circuit Company has offered quick-turn prototype through to medium volume PCB production in the UK. They specialize in intricate PCBs for high-end applications.

Location: Royston, England


  • 1 to 16 layer PCBs
  • Blind/buried vias, microvias
  • Flex, rigid-flex circuits
  • HDI, high frequency, impedance control
  • Quick-turn engineering prototypes

Industries Served: Medical, communications, industrial controls, aerospace, defense, Formula 1 racing.

Certifications: ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485, TS16949

Clients: NHS, Oxford University, Renault Sport, Pfizer

3. Paragon Electronic Technology Ltd

Paragon offers advanced PCB manufacturing, assembly and testing for prototype through production volumes. They also design full electronic products for OEMs.

Location: Andover, England


  • Prototype to mid-volume PCB production
  • SMT and through-hole assembly
  • Complex multi-layer and HDI
  • Flexible and rigid-flex circuits
  • Design, engineering, NPI and test services

Industries Served: Industrial, medical, telecom, aerospace, defense, robotics

Certifications: ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100

Clients: Caterpillar, McKesson, PerkinElmer, Philips

4. Fortec Medical Systems

Specializing in medical PCBs for over 25 years, Fortec provides quick-turn prototypes and medium volume production. Their focus is on high quality and fast delivery.

Location: Cookham, England


  • Prototyping in under 5 days
  • Medium volumes up to 500 boards/week
  • Multilayer, stacked microvias, blind/buried vias
  • Design, assembly and box build services

Industries Served: Medical, healthcare

Certifications: ISO13485

Clients: GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Baxter, CMR Surgical

5. RayMing Technology

RayMing offers advanced PCB manufacturing, SMT assembly, testing and supply chain services globally. They have production facilities in China to provide a complete solution.

Location: Stockport, England


  • Complex multilayer and HDI boards
  • Quick-turn prototypes in 5 days
  • High and low volume SMT assembly
  • Design, engineering, testing services
  • Global supply chain and manufacturing network

Industries Served: Automotive, industrial, consumer, telecom, medical

Certifications: IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001

Clients: Schneider Electric, Siemens, Bosch, Philips, Ford

6. Stevenage Circuits Limited

Providing advanced PCBs for over 35 years, Stevenage Circuits specializes in high complexity, low-mid volume boards for industrial, medical and defense applications.

Location: Stevenage, England


  • Multilayer, HDI, tight tolerances
  • Flexible and rigid-flex circuits
  • Quick-turn prototypes
  • Short runs down to 5 units
  • Assembly and mechanical integration

Industries Served: Industrial, medical, defense, energy

Certifications: ISO9001, ISO13485

Clients: Leonardo, Oxford Instruments, DEM Manufacturing

7. Printed Circuits Limited

Located in Wales, Printed Circuits manufactures prototype to medium volume PCBs. They focus on high technology boards featuring HDI, high layer counts and advanced materials.

Location: South Glamorgan, Wales


  • Complex multilayer boards
  • HDI down to 25um line width
  • Flexible circuits, thick copper, IMS
  • Nano-coatings, carbon printing
  • Quick-turn prototypes

Industries Served: Industrial, automotive, instrumentation, communications, aerospace, marine

Certifications: ISO9001:2015

Clients: General Electric, Shell UK, QinetiQ, L3Harris

8. Team Circuits

Offering fast, affordable PCB prototypes and small batches, Team Circuits promises manufactured boards in 24 hours. They cater to startups, students and engineering firms.

Location: London, England


  • PCB prototyping in 24 hours
  • Multilayer boards
  • Small batches starting from 5 boards
  • Solder mask, silkscreen, assembly, stencils
  • Online ordering, instant quoting

Industries Served: Startups, education, R&D

Clients: University College London, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge

9. PCUE Ltd

PCUE provides all services in-house including PCB design, fabrication, assembly, testing and supply chain management. They specialize in high complexity boards for wireless infrastructure and defense projects.

Location: Dunstable, England


  • High density interconnect and multilayer boards
  • Flex, rigid-flex, ceramic hybrids
  • Design, assembly, test, enclosures
  • NPI, supply chain and life cycle management

Industries Served: Wireless telecom infrastructure, defense, aerospace

Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, AS9100, IPC Class 3

Clients: BAE Systems, Cisco, Ericsson, Rohde & Schwarz

10. Hyde Park Electronics

Hyde Park offers rapid turn PCB prototyping and low volume production for R&D departments and startups. Quad turnaround available from design to shipment.

Location: Wiltshire, England


  • PCB prototyping in 24-96 hours
  • Low volume up to 500 boards
  • Engineering support, PCB assembly
  • Aerospace, automotive and telecom certified

Industries Served: R&D, startups, education

Certifications: ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485

Clients: Blighter Surveillance Systems, Modem Applanix, NextVR

This covers major manufacturers providing the widest capabilities and offerings – from quick-turn prototypes for startups to complex high reliability boards for defense projects; from small batches for academia to medium volumes for industrial equipment. Established makers with decades of technology expertise and certifications for quality and specific industries are represented.

We will next take a deeper look at each manufacturer and evaluate their capabilities, services, facilities and technology access.

1. Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions provides advanced PCB solutions for harsh environments in the aerospace, space, satellite, missile defense, medical technology and other high reliability sectors. They specialize in technologies like high density interconnects, high frequency materials, polyimide flex-rigid circuits and more, for extreme mechanical and thermal conditions.

Location: Stevenage, England

Year Founded: 1984

Industries Served:

  • Defense
  • Space
  • Aerospace
  • Satellites
  • Missiles
  • Medical devices


  • AS9100D
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • IPC J-STD-001 Class 3 and Class 3A

Technologies and Capabilities:

  • Rigid boards from single layer to complex multilayer (48+ layers)
  • Flexible circuits with polyimide films
  • Rigid-flex combinations
  • High density interconnects
  • Advanced RF materials including PTFE composites
  • Materials for high temperature and cryogenic use
  • Laser micro-machining of cavities
  • Embedded passives and magnetics
  • Conformal coatings and potting

Cobham utilizes the latest PCB technologies like laser direct imaging (LDI) for high accuracy processing of dense interconnects. They have expertise in specialized materials and methods demanded by the aerospace, space and defense sectors including high frequency dielectrics such as PTFE composites; polyimide-based flexible circuits with very fine traces; multilayer boards with complex stacked vias; and high thermal performance substrates for extreme temperature environments.

Many of their designs require managing tight tolerances and high reliability under challenging operating conditions. Cobham has a dedicated High Complexity Center with advanced manufacturing capabilities tailored for low to mid volume production runs with fast turnaround.

They provide comprehensive solutions from design through to full system integration. Engineering services include concept design, performance modeling and simulation, prototyping, environmental testing, box builds and life cycle management.


  • Headquarters and manufacturing in Stevenage, England
  • 50,000 sq ft facility housing digital fabrication and inspection tools as well as cleanrooms
  • High Complexity Center focused on multilayer, HDI and flex-rigid PCBs
  • Additional manufacturing sites in Colorado, Minnesota and California, USA

Notable Customers and Projects:

  • Airbus – Advanced rigid-flex boards for Inmarsat satellite telemetry modules and onboard data networks
  • BAE Systems – PTFE-based microwave antenna arrays for electronic warfare systems
  • Lockheed Martin – Flex-rigid assemblies for guided missile targeting system
  • NASA – PCBs for Mars 2020 rover mission
  • RUAG – Computer and control boards for ExoMars rover mission

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions provides innovative PCB solutions where high performance, quality and reliability are vital in harsh environments across aerospace, space, defense and associated high technology sectors. Their expertise in specialized processes and niche materials makes them a strategic partner for safety-critical electronics projects from Low Earth Orbit to outer planetary exploration.

2. Cambridge Circuit Company (C3)

With over 35 years of experience, Cambridge Circuit Company provides quick-turn prototyping to medium volume production of intricate, high density PCBs. Their application focus and engineering expertise have made them the partner of choice for top technology brands.

Location: Royston, England

Year Founded: 1982

Industries Served:

  • Medical devices
  • Communications
  • Industrial controls
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Motorsports/Formula 1


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • AS 9100
  • TS 16949

Technologies and Capabilities:

  • Quick-turn prototypes in 5 days
  • Multilayer PCBs up to 16 layers
  • Blind and buried vias and microvias
  • Flexible and rigid-flex circuits
  • High density interconnects (HDI)
  • Complex board stacking
  • Controlled impedance matching
  • Autorouting and engineering design services

Cambridge Circuit Company specializes in high mix, medium volume production of demanding, leading edge PCBs. Over 80% of their orders are under 500 pieces making them suited for specialized and intricate circuits versus high volume commodity boards.

They utilize advanced manufacturing processes like laser direct imaging (LDI) to handle dense interconnects and tolerances down to 25 microns (1 mil). C3 focuses on high complexity and high technology boards rather than high volume production.

Their wide material selection includes base materials like FR-4, polyimide, PTFE, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco; surface finishes such as immersion silver, gold, ENIG, and HASL; layer counts from 1 to 16 layers; and thicknesses from 0.2mm to over 5.0mm.


  • Headquarters and manufacturing in Royston, England with 50,000 sq ft facility
  • Climate controlled factory environment and advanced fabrication equipment
  • Quick-turn engineering support for prototypes

Notable Customers and Projects:

  • NHS – PCBs for MRI scanners, imaging systems, and other medical electronics
  • Oxford University – Boards for high energy physics research projects
  • Renault Sport – Electronics for Formula 1 race cars
  • Pfizer – Medical testing instrument boards
  • Aquila Racing Team – PCBs for land speed record attempts

Cambridge Circuit Company delivers agile, responsive manufacturing of advanced PCBs suited to R&D departments, specialized medical OEMs, motorsports teams and similar sophisticated customers needing intricate boards with high performance and quick time-to-market. Their expertise makes them a longstanding partner for high technology PCB applications.

3. Paragon Electronic Technology Ltd

Paragon Electronic Technology offers end-to-end support for electronic products spanning advanced PCB fabrication, SMT assembly, design services, early engineering evaluation builds and more. They are focused on complex mid-volume production.

Location: Andover, England

Year Founded: 2002

Industries Served:

  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Communications
  • Telecom
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Transportation
  • Robotics


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • AS 9100

Technologies and Capabilities:

  • Quick-turn engineering prototypes
  • Multilayer PCBs with blind/buried vias
  • Flex, rigid-flex circuits
  • 0.6mm pitch BGAs, 0.15mm microBGAs
  • HDI down to 25μm line width
  • SMT, BGA, Flip Chip and CSP assembly
  • Conformal coating, potting
  • Design, NPI and testing services
  • Supply chain and life cycle management

Paragon provides complete solutions encompassing concept design, simulation, quick-turn prototyping, test development, volume assembly, enclosure fabrication, and life cycle management.

For PCB fabrication they offer 1 to over 36 layer boards featuring blind/buried vias, stacked and staggered microvias, heavy copper, and advanced materials such as polyimide and Arlon flex laminates.

Their assembly department handles component sizes down to 0201 (0.6mm) chips including BGAs and CSP packages using high accuracy Juki mounters coupled with AOI and X-ray inspection. This supports dense, miniature electronics assembly for medical, telecom infrastructure and other advanced applications.

Paragon’s design services help clients with requirements analysis, schematic capture, PCB layout, engineering builds, verification testing and DFx evaluation – providing the complete hardware development cycle.


  • 50,000 sq ft facility in Andover, England
  • Advanced manufacturing with 10 SMT lines, 5 manual assembly cells, 5 rapid prototyping lines
  • climate controlled environment

Notable Customers and Projects:

  • Caterpillar – High reliability engine control boards
  • McKesson – Medical cart and equipment electronics
  • PerkinElmer – Thermal control subsystems for lab analyzers
  • Philips – Patient monitoring products
  • Telent Technology Services – Communications infrastructure boards

Paragon enables clients to go from initial concept to volume production of advanced electronic products via their comprehensive capabilities spanning PCB fabrication, component assembly, engineering services, testing, enclosures and project management. Their expertise suits medical OEMs, industrial controls firms, robotics companies, and similar customers creating complex mid-volume electronics.

4. Fortec Medical Systems

Fortec leverages over 25 years of medical electronics experience to deliver fast turnaround prototypes and medium volumes of complex, high reliability PCBs for medical OEMs and healthcare technology firms.

Location: Cookham, England

Year Founded: 1995

Industries Served:

  • Medical devices
  • Healthcare products


  • ISO 13485

Technologies and Capabilities:

  • Quick-turn prototypes in 5 days
  • Medium volumes up to 500 boards/week
  • Multilayer, HDI and SMT assembly
  • Blind/buried vias and microvias
  • Flexible and rigid-flex circuits
  • Full product design, DFM support

Fortec provides a seamless path from prototype through pilot and medium scale production for medical electronics applications. For prototyping they offer 5 day turnaround on new designs to help accelerate innovation and time-to-market.


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