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Rigid & flexible PCB Manufacturer

We are a global supplier of flexible PCB, rigid flex pcb helping medical, automotive, wearables, industrial, military’s high-complex designs to achieve their vision and imagination.

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1-10 Layer Flexible PCB Max Panel Size: 2000*240mm Special Material: Kapton … Special Process: FPC shielding …

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Team Accounts

Rigid PCB: 40 Layer , Flex PCB : 10 Layer Accept High Complex Design: HDI Rigid Flex …

Team Accounts

A New Way To Produce PCB With 3D Printer

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Manufacturing Experience & Give Perfect Solutions

Now Artist 3D has developed into a high quality and efficient Rigid & Flexible PCB manufacturer in China,
Global customers in the field of communication,military, aerospace, new energy, security, industrial control, medical, automotive, etc.


We Manufactured

VR Glasses, Camera module, Pos Machine, RFIG antenna, NFC Moudle, 4FF-Sim, 3FF-Sim, TWS Headset, Smart watch, medical wear device, Aerial viewer………..

6 layer rigid + 4 layer flex + 4 layer rigid with blind bueried hole

0.25mm steel stiffness immersion gold

0.4mmFR4 stiffness ,impedance control of 90 ohms +/- 10% ohms

8 layer rigid flex PCB, line width/spacing: 0.16/0.16mm


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