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Rogers HDI Complext Board

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High-precision SMT equipment and perfect DIP production line, the introduction of ESD electrostatic system supplied, X-RAY inspection BGM quality is reliable and stable

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Own R&D team,Using technological innovation to improve production efficiency and quality,Have rich process experience to prevent quality risks

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Who We Are

Electronic Contract Manufacturer

We provide professional electronic products processing, chip processing, plug-in processing, OEM, ODM foundry services, located in the PCBA R & D and SMT, DIP, assembly of high-end electronic manufacturing service providers, mainly serving domestic and foreign high-end PCBA rapid prototyping, industrial industrial control automation, smart home, automotive networking, communications, medical and other high-end industry PCBA and finished products high-end manufacturing services, the company provides domestic and foreign customers with circuit board production, circuit board patch processing to patch test one-stop solution.

    What We Do

    Specialized Expertise

    • We provide professional and attentive electronic information products processing \OEM\ODM manufacturing services:
    • We provide professional SMT chip processing | DIP processing \OEM\ODM services for products covering consumer electronics, commercial electronics, industrial control electronics, health care electronics, communication electronics and other fields.
    • Depending on the customer’s needs, we can provide PCBA processing or finished products.
    • We have rich experience in manufacturing products with high process difficulty, such as BGA, QFN, double-row QFN, and double-layer BGA component products, and can give professional support to our customers.
    • We can work with customers for samples and small orders.

    Global One-stop Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider

    Fast Prototype and Volume Production

    High Level Production Equipments

    Advanced Technology Advanced Contract Manufacturing

    Solder paste printing machine

    GKG automatic printing machine


    2D 3D X-Ray

    SMT Machine

    Brand new Siemens E series placement machine

    Reflow Soldering

    10-12 temperature zone air reflow soldering and nitrogen reflow soldering

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    All about electronic manufacturing – PCB Manufacturing,SMT Assembly, PCBA Test

    Together We Will Drive Your Success


    High-end manufacturing service provider of industrial control industry, smart home, communication medical PCBA.

    Security Industry

    Security industry products include monitoring, burglar alarms, intrusion detectors, burglar alarm controllers, car alarm systems, electronic fences, etc.

    Automotive Electronics

    Window control panels, airbag systems, driving dynamics regulation (FDR or VDC), collision avoidance systems, seatbelt control, photo control

    IOT Devices

    Alcohol Detection for Bus Drivers, Agricultural Irrigation, Oil Pipeline Control, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Industrial Inspection, Gas Detection

    Industrial control signals

    With embedded industrial controllers and PLCs, robots, servo motors, sensors, industrial cameras, PLC programmable logic controllers

    Medical Electronics

    Sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, multifunctional therapeutic instrument, blood glucose meter, electric massage chair/bed, massage stick; massage whack; massage pillow, massage cushion, massage belt; qi and blood circulation machines; foot baths

    Communications Electronics

    5G Base Station, 4G Base Station, Logistics Handheld Devices, Face Recognition Devices,

    Intelligent Home

    Smart Door Lock, Smart Curtain, Smart Lighting, Smart Speaker, Mop-Sweep Robot, Smart Pet Feeder, Smart Pet Feeder, Smart Stir-Fryer, Smart Toilet

    Military Electronics

    Radar, microwave monolithic integrated circuits, laser rangefinders, night vision devices, as well as laser sights, communications, electronic countermeasures, TR components, phased array antennas

    Smart Wearable

    VR/AR, Smartwatch

    Artist 3D, Make electronic innovation easier!

    Watch Phone Board

    IAC-IMX8MP-Kit Development Board

    3D Printer Main Board

    Technical Capability

    Global PCBA small and medium batch fast production service provider



    • Size:L50*w50~L510*w460mm
    • Thickness:0.3mm~4.5mm
    • Material:Rigid, Polymide,Rigid-flex
    • Part Size:01005 ~ 45mm*98mm
    • Part Pitch:IC 0.25mm,BGA-0.25mm
    • Part Height:19mm
    • SMT precision:chip±41μm,IC±37.5μm
    • SMT capacity:1000万/D


    Rigid RF HDI Board

    • Layer:56
    • PCB Thickness:7.0mm
    • Min Thickness:0.33mm(4 Layer)
    • Min width/spacing:3/3mil
    • Copper Thickness:0.5 – 20oz
    • Aspect ratio: 10:1
    • Hole Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
    • PTH Bore Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
    • HDI steps: 4+N+4



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    • Strategic Cooperation Big Data Platform
    • Rapid delivery
    • More than 30,000 commonly used components in stock
    • Experienced supply chain team
    • Full BOM component Sourcing
    • Fast component system, 24H quotation support