Top 15 Metal Core PCB Manufacturers in China

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Metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCB) are a specialized type of PCBs well suited for thermal management of high power LED lighting, power electronics and other devices. China has emerged as a major hub for manufacturing advanced metal core PCBs leveraging strong material supplies, fabrication technologies and electronics ecosystem. This article profiles the top 15 metal core PCB manufacturers in China along with a comparison of their capabilities.

1. RayMing Technology

RayMing Technology is an expert designer and producer of metal core PCBs for high power LED lighting, automotive electronics, industrial equipment and other applications requiring effective heat dissipation.

Key Capabilities:

  • Aluminum, copper and brass metal core PCBs
  • IMS, AIN ceramics and other insulating layers
  • Thermal vias, thermally conductive dielectrics
  • MCPCB with LED integration
  • Prototyping and volume production
  • UL certification and IATF 16949 qualified

RayMing utilizes advanced fabrication processes, testing and quality control to manufacture reliable metal core PCBs that meet demanding application requirements in various industries.

2. Times Circuitry

Times Circuits offers aluminum, copper and graphite based metal core PCB fabrication catering to industrial power electronics and equipment OEMs.

Key Capabilities:

  • Aluminum and copper PCBs with dielectric insulation
  • Graphite MC-PCBs for high power density
  • Direct plating process expertise
  • Quick turn prototypes and volume production
  • Design, simulation and thermal analysis
  • UL and IATF certifications

Times Circuits provides end-to-end MCPCB manufacturing services and solutions tailored for industrial and automation OEM applications.

3. Taconic

Taconic specializes in making thermally conductive PCBs and substrates including metal core boards. They offer aluminum nitride AIN ceramic based PCB manufacturing.

Key Capabilities:

  • Aluminum nitride MC-PCBs and DCB substrates
  • High thermal conductivity materials
  • Fabrication processes tailored for power electronics
  • Tooling and integration with heat sinks/cold plates
  • Design support for optimizing thermal performance
  • Applications in EV and telecom power systems

Taconic focuses on high reliability thermal PCBs and packages for the automotive and telecommunication industries.

4. Avary Holding

Avary Holding offers an extensive range of metal core PCB solutions covering aluminum, copper, tin-silver, FR4 materials and different dielectric insulation layers.

Key Capabilities:

  • Aluminum, copper, tin-silver metal core boards
  • Dielectrics including FR4, aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride
  • PCBs with integrated thermoelectric coolers
  • Design, simulation and prototyping services
  • Conformal coating and encapsulation
  • Quality testing and certification

Avary caters to a diverse spectrum of applications including aviation equipment, telecom infrastructure, motor drives, wind power systems etc.

5. Shanghai Cankemeng Electronics Technology Co.

Cankemeng specializes in manufacturing aluminum PCBs, ceramic PCBs and DCB substrates targeting the LED lighting and automotive electronics industries.

Key Capabilities:

  • Aluminum and ceramic PCB expertise
  • High thermal conductivity metal core boards
  • Customized for LED lighting applications
  • Automotive grade quality and reliability
  • Thermal design, simulation and testing services
  • Flexible and scalable production

Cankemeng provides end-to-end solutions right from design to delivery of application specific metal core PCBs.

6. Guohua Technology

Guohua offers copper, aluminum and graphite metal core PCB manufacturing services suitable for different thermal conductivity requirements.

Key Capabilities:

  • Copper MC-PCBs with up to 4 oz. thickness
  • Aluminum metal core boards
  • High thermal performance graphite metal PCBs
  • Design, prototyping and mass production
  • Casting and plating process expertise
  • Quality and safety certifications
  • Applications in auto, industrial, medical

Guohua specializes in metal core PCB technology for thermal management across industries.

7. Jinan Guoji Electronics

Jinan Guoji manufactures aluminum PCBs, ceramic PCBs and DCB substrates catering specifically to LED industry applications such as street lighting, horticulture lighting etc.

Key Capabilities:

  • Aluminum MC PCBs for LED integration
  • High thermal conductivity ceramic PCBs
  • EMC resistance and anti-static protection
  • Thermal design and simulation services
  • Prototyping through volume production
  • Global presence and cost effective supply

Jinan Guoji focuses exclusively on bringing reliable, application specific metal core PCBs to the LED lighting industry.

8. Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits offers a wide array of PCB technologies including rigid, flex, rigid-flex and metal core PCBs for automotive, telecom infrastructure, industrial equipment etc.

Key Capabilities:

  • Copper, aluminum and graphite metal core PCBs
  • Insulating dielectric materials selection
  • Extensive rigid, flex, rigid-flex PCB capabilities
  • Thermal design optimization and analysis
  • Quick turn prototypes
  • 0.1mm ultra fine line production

Shennan Circuits leverages over 20 years of PCB fabrication experience to produce high quality metal core PCB solutions.

9. DK Thermal

DK Thermal specializes in the R&D, design and manufacturing of thermal solutions including metal core printed circuit boards catering to LED and power electronics applications.

Key Capabilities:

  • Wide range of metal core PCB offerings
  • High thermal conductivity ceramic based boards
  • Thermal design, simulation and verification
  • Manufacturing process expertise
  • Quality and safety certifications
  • Custom solutions tailored to applications

DK Thermal focuses on developing high performance thermal PCB products to address customer needs.

10. Shengyi Technology

Shengyi Technology provides high quality rigid, flex, rigid-flex and metal core PCB prototyping and volume production services used across industries.

Key Capabilities:

  • Copper, aluminum and ceramic metal core PCBs
  • Design, thermal analysis and engineering support
  • HDI PCBs, heavy copper, large boards
  • Lead-free assembly services
  • Flexible and scalable production
  • Safety and quality certifications

Shengyi offers a comprehensive range of PCB fabrication capabilities and assembly services using advanced technologies.

11. Luso Electronics

Luso Electronics specializes in manufacturing metal core PCBs using aluminum, copper and additional insulating material technologies to meet thermal management challenges.

Key Capabilities:

  • Aluminum and copper base metal core boards
  • Dielectric insulation options – FR4, ceramic etc.
  • Thermally conductive planes and patterns
  • Quick turn prototype fabrication
  • Design and manufacturing services
  • Applications in lighting, power, automotive

Luso Electronics focuses specifically on leveraging its metal core PCB engineering and manufacturing for effective thermal solutions.

12. Suzhou CCD Technology

Suzhou CCD offers metal core PCB fabrication primarily for the high power LED lighting industry given its demand for thermal management.

Key Capabilities:

  • Copper and aluminum metal core PCBs
  • Insulators like FR4, ceramic, IMS
  • Integrated heat sink design services
  • SMT assembly and product integration
  • LED thermal resistance measurements
  • Quality certifications

Suzhou CCD is focused on bringing robust thermal PCBs to LED luminaire and fixture manufacturers.

13. Shenzhen Sunsoar Circuit

Shenzhen Sunsoar is an expert metal core PCB and IC substrate manufacturer providing solutions for 5G infrastructure, internet data centers, motor drives and other applications.

Key Capabilities:

  • Copper and aluminum metal core boards
  • High thermal conductivity dielectric materials
  • Quick turnaround prototypes
  • Volume production optimized for costs
  • Design support services
  • Manufacturing process flexibility

Sunsoar Circuit helps customers achieve effective thermal management leveraging metal core PCB technology.

14. Zhejiang Lusense Technology

Zhejiang Lusense offers metal core PCBs built on aluminum and copper base materials paired with insulating dielectric layers to achieve efficient thermal dissipation.

Key Capabilities:

  • Copper and aluminum metal core PCBs
  • Insulating options – FR4, aluminum oxide, ceramic
  • Flexible and high volume production
  • Thermally conductive dielectric materials
  • Cost optimization
  • Applications in LED lighting, power, medical

Lusense provides end-to-end metal core PCB solutions tailored for customers through design, prototyping and volume fabrication.

15. Shengyi PCB Tech

Shengyi PCB Tech manufactures rigid, flex, rigid-flex and advanced metal core PCBs catering to various electronics and electrical equipment OEMs.

Key Capabilities:

  • Copper, aluminum PCBs with dielectric insulation
  • Design, prototyping and volume fabrication
  • Flexible and high-volume production
  • SMT integrated assembly services
  • Supply chain and cost optimization
  • Manufacturing expertise across PCB technologies

Shengyi PCB Tech provides full range of PCB and assembly manufacturing solutions to diverse industries.

Comparison of Metal Core PCB Manufacturers in China

CompanyLocationMaterialsCapabilitiesTarget Applications
RayMingShenzhenAl, Cu, ceramicsLED integration, HDILED lighting, automotive
Times CircuitryGuangdongAl, Cu, graphiteThermal analysisIndustrial equipment
TaconicSuzhouAlN ceramicsDCB substratesPower electronics
Avary HoldingZhejiangAl, Cu, tin-silverConformal coatingAerospace, telecom
CankemengShanghaiAl, ceramicsSMT assemblyLED lighting, auto
Guohua TechGuangdongCu, Al, graphiteFlex productionIndustrial, medical
Jinan GuojiShandongAl, ceramicsLED integrationLED lighting
Shennan CircuitsShenzhenCu, Al, graphite0.1mm linesAuto, telecom
DK ThermalGuangdongCu, Al, ceramicsThermal designPower electronics
Shengyi TechDongguanAl, Cu, ceramicsFlexible volumesDiverse applications
Luso ElectronicsDongguanAl, CuQuick turn prototypesLighting, auto, power
Suzhou CCDJiangsuCu, AlLED integrationLED lighting
Shenzhen SunsoarShenzhenCu, AlIC substratesTelecom, data centers
Lusense TechZhejiangCu, AlCost focusedLED lighting, medical
Shengyi PCB TechShenzhenCu, AlAssembly servicesBroad customer base

This table summarizes the key characteristics, focus areas and target applications of leading metal core PCB manufacturers in China. Most offer broad material choices and are export focused.

How to Select a Metal Core PCB Manufacturer in China?

Here are some tips on choosing the right metal core PCB supplier in China:

  • Review their design, fabrication and testing capabilities based on application needs
  • Evaluate their expertise in thermal management for metal core PCBs
  • Assess capabilities to support prototyping through volume production
  • Look for relevant quality and safety certifications
  • Understand their experience in the target industry/application
  • Review technical expertise and engineering support levels
  • Ensure they utilize advanced manufacturing technologies and equipment
  • Compare cost competitiveness against service capabilities
  • Examine global logistics and supply chain capabilities
  • Review overall customer satisfaction and feedback

Future Growth Outlook for Metal Core PCBs

The metal core PCB market is projected to grow at 6% CAGR from 2022 to 2027 driven by surging demand in:

  • Electric Vehicles – Power electronics, traction inverters, battery management
  • LED Lighting – Architectural, horticulture, stadium lighting
  • Telecom – 5G base stations, servers, data centers
  • Industrial – Power supplies, motor drives, wind/solar inverters
  • Consumer – Wearables, appliances, gaming devices
  • Medical – MRI machines, surgical tools, imaging equipment

China will continue to drive metal core PCB advancements and manufacturing supported by its extensive electronics supply chain ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the typical base materials used in metal core PCBs?

A: Common metal core materials are aluminum, copper, tin-silver or graphite coated with dielectric insulation layers.

Q: What are some key applications of metal core PCBs?

A: LED lighting, power supplies, motor drives, EV inverters, 5G infrastructure, defense electronics etc due to thermal needs.

Q: What dielectric materials provide insulation in metal core PCBs?

A: FR-4 glass epoxy, ceramics like aluminum oxide or aluminum nitride, IMS are used based on thermal conductivity and isolation needs.

Q: What are DCB substrates?

A: DCB refers to direct copper bonding where copper layers are directly bonded to ceramic substrates without glue.

Q: How do metal core PCBs manage heat dissipation?

A: The metal base efficiently spreads heat which is transferred away using heat sinks, thermal vias, cooling layers and other aids.