Top 15 PCB Manufacturers In USA (updated 2023)

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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide the foundation for electronics products by facilitating assembly and interconnection of components. As the demand for advanced consumer and industrial electronics continues rising, sourcing high quality PCBs is crucial for product success.

The United States is home to a thriving PCB industry supplying diverse end products. We will explore the top 15 PCB manufacturers in the USA helping meet electronics hardware needs across the country.

For each manufacturer, we examine their capabilities, technologies, industries served and factors that make them leaders in domestic PCB fabrication and assembly.

Overview of US PCB Manufacturing

PCB manufacturing began in the United States during World War II to produce military electronics. Since then, a robust domestic PCB industry has developed through private enterprises as well as defense contractors.

Key factors that make the US an attractive location for PCB production:

  • Innovation – High spending on R&D generates new technologies. Proximity fosters faster design-fab collaboration.
  • Quality – Stringent quality systems for military and aerospace work have driven manufacturing excellence.
  • Scale – Large domestic electronics industry provides economies of scale and logistical advantages.
  • Intellectual Property – Secure local supply chains help protect confidentiality of sensitive designs.
  • Regulations – US companies adhere to strict environmental and safety regulations.

Let us look at leading companies propelling PCB technology and manufacturing in the US forward.

1. TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies is one of the largest global PCB manufacturers with significant US facilities.

Headquarters: Costa Mesa, CA

Locations: Chippewa Falls, WI; Stafford Springs, CT; Logan, UT


  • PCB prototyping and production
  • HDI, rigid-flex, advanced packaging, RF boards
  • Defense, aerospace, medical, automation, networking, storage products


  • Multiple advanced PCB fabs in US
  • Scaled production from prototypes to high volumes
  • Engineering support across full product lifecycle

Why TTM:

TTM provides advanced technology PCBs from design to delivery for high reliability applications through local engineering collaboration and optimized global supply chain management.

2. AT&S

AT&S is an European PCB maker with manufacturing sites across the globe including the US.

Headquarters: Leoben, Austria

US Locations: IC substrate plant in Chipley, FL; new facility under construction in Austin, TX


  • IC substrates and PCBs for high-end computing
  • HDI, rigid, RF boards, advanced packaging technologies
  • Medical, industrial, automotive, communication products


  • Innovative processes like Aerosol Printing and mSAP
  • Research with Fraunhofer on next-gen manufacturing
  • High-tech solutions for 5G connectivity and IoT

Why AT&S:

AT&S brings cutting edge European PCB expertise to high growth segments in the US via advanced local facilities with expanded capacity.

3. TTI Inc.

TTI provides PCB solutions spanning early stage design to volume manufacturing.

Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX

Locations: Flower Mound, TX; Stafford Springs, CT; San Jose, CA


  • Quickturn prototypes to medium volume production
  • Design support from concept through post-production
  • Aerospace, defense, industrial and medical applications


  • Seamless transfer from prototyping to production
  • DFM analysis and engineering consultation
  • AS9100:D and ISO-13485 certified

Why TTI:

TTI delivers seamless transition of PCB designs from prototype through production ramp supported by local engineering collaboration.

4. Sanmina Corporation

Sanmina provides complete production solutions from design to delivery across multiple industries.

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Locations: Facilities in 20+ states including AZ, MA, NY, WA, GA, OR


  • Complete manufacturing services for full product lifecycle
  • PCB fabrication, assembly and test
  • Medical, automotive, communication, defense products


  • Advanced PCB fabrication, assembly and test technologies
  • Complex enclosure, cabling, precision machining capabilities
  • Industry 4.0 manufacturing with IoT and data analytics

Why Sanmina:

Sanmina provides start-to-finish manufacturing capabilities allowing optimized cost, quality and delivery across the full product lifecycle.

5. Rayming

Rayming is a fast-growing global PCB and assembly manufacturer serving thousands of customers.

Headquarters: Guangzhou, China ,usa branch

US Locations: Sales and engineering support offices


  • 24 hour rapid prototyping
  • Small batch orders accepted
  • SMT assembly and one-stop fabrication


  • Highly scalable operations for cost efficiency
  • Optimized global logistics network
  • Integrated PCB assembly for faster time to market

Why Rayming:

Rayming provides fast, accessible PCB fabrication and assembly services through online ordering, rapid delivery and world-class customer support.

6. Vexos

Vexos specializes in low-to-medium volume, high-mix PCB assembly for NPI and ramp-to-volume production.

Headquarters: Tampa, FL

Locations: Facilities in CA, NH, TX with application labs for collaboration


  • New product introduction (NPI) manufacturing
  • Low to medium volume, high mix assembly
  • Box build, product integration, direct order fulfillment


  • High-mix production with Minifactory model
  • ITAR-compliant facility and secure supply chain
  • Continuous improvement driving quality and efficiency

Why Vexos:

Vexos enables efficient ramp to production while managing complexity, optimizing quality and eliminating overhead.

7. Calumet Electronics Corporation

Calumet offers advanced PCB solutions from rapid prototyping through scalable production.

Headquarters: Wharton, NJ

Locations: Totowa, NJ and Hudson, NH


  • Quick-turn fabrication in 24 hours
  • Seamless transition to medium/high volume offshore production
  • Defense, aerospace, medical, semiconductor, telecom, industrial


  • Rigid, rigid-flex, IC substrates and advanced HDI
  • Gold finger plating, via protection coat, highly tested
  • ITAR registered and compliant with stringent quality standards

Why Calumet:

Calumet enables fast prototype PCBs to seamlessly transition to scalable offshore production while maintaining stringent quality and security.

8. Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits focuses on fast PCB prototyping services with seamless design support.

Headquarters: Aurora, CO

Locations: Manufacturing facility in Aurora, CO


  • 24 hour turn quick-turn fabrication
  • Seamless assembly services
  • PCB engineering reviews and DFM analysis


  • Free PCB design tools with design-for-manufacturability feedback
  • Rigid, flex, rigid-flex boards with 10+ custom flavours
  • Batch PCB production and assembly in 3-5 days

Why Advanced Circuits:

Advanced Circuits make PCB prototyping easy through integrated design tools, quick-turn fabrication and assembly with engineering support.

9. Epectec Inc.

Epectec manufactures high quality PCBs focused on quick-turn prototyping services.

Headquarters: Newark, DE

Locations: Production facility in Newark, DE


  • 24 hours turnaround for PCB prototyping
  • Small batches starting from just 1 board
  • Parking lots to support evolving designs


  • Optimized processes for fast 24 hour fabrication
  • Engineering reviews to improve manufacturing outcomes
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray drill registration

Why Epectec:

Epectec enables ultra-fast PCB prototype delivery with small batches, parking and ongoing design support – ideal for R&D.

10. Imagineering, Inc.

Imagineering provides advanced flex, rigid-flex and rigid PCB manufacturing.

Headquarters: Elk Grove Village, IL

Locations: Facilities in Illinois and California


  • Flex, rigid-flex and multilayer PCB prototyping & production
  • Quick turn prototypes in 5 days
  • Aerospace, defense, telecom, medical products


  • Rigid-flex manufacturing design guidelines
  • Complex flex-rigid integration with book-style bindings
  • Flex assemblies with backer boards and complex bends

Why Imagineering:

Imagineering enables innovative flex and rigid-flex solutions for challenging applications across defense, consumer electronics and medical products.

11. Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits provides quickturn PCB fabrication suited for prototypes through small production runs.

Headquarters: Mulino, OR

Locations: Mulino, OR and Canoga Park, CA


  • Next day PCB prototyping
  • Small-volume production in 3-5 days
  • Precise RF boards and flex/rigid-flex boards


  • Weave Glue Solder Mask for improved thermal durability
  • In-house fabrication using latest LDI, AOI and X-ray drilling
  • Free PCB design tools and DFM analysis

Why Sunstone:

Sunstone Circuits makes high-quality PCB prototyping and small production runs quick and accessible through online tools.

12. GeekPCB

GeekPCB provides rapid International PCB fabrication catering to makers, startups and engineers.

Headquarters: Fremont, CA

Locations: Manufacturing facilities in China


  • 24-hour PCB prototyping and production
  • Small quantity orders (5 piece minimum)
  • FR4, Rogers, flex, HDI, Aluminum boards


  • Optimized processes for fast 5 day standard delivery
  • Convenient online ordering, assembly and stencil services
  • PCB reverse engineering from BOMs/drawings

Why GeekPCB:

GeekPCB makes low-quantity, high-mix PCB sourcing affordable and fast through online ordering and rapid fabrication.

13. Amitron

Amitron is a PCB and assembly facility focused on prototype to mid-volume production.

Headquarters: Manchester, NH

Locations: Manufacturing facilities in New Hampshire and Mexico


  • Multi-layer PCB including HDI, flex and rigid-flex
  • Quick-turn assembly with design for manufacturing guidance
  • Aerospace, defense, telecom, medical, industrial customers


  • Iterative prototyping through ramp-to-volume assembly
  • ITAR registered and compliant with defense standards
  • Automated SMT assembly and comprehensive testing

Why Amitron:

Amitron helps clients optimize manufacturability by bridging low-volume PCB production in the US through scalable offshore capacity.

14. Cord Circuit Corporation

Cord Circuit specializes in advanced flex, rigid-flex and multilayer PCB fabrication.

Headquarters: Hawthorne, CA

Locations: Manufacturing facilities in California


  • Quickturn flex, rigid-flex and multilayer PCBs
  • Flex assemblies with book style bends
  • Defense, aerospace, industrial, medical customers


  • Flex and rigid-flex manufacturing for challenging applications
  • Complex flex-rigid integration with book-style bindings
  • Quality systems compliant to defense and aerospace standards

Why Cord Circuit:

Cord Circuit enables high performance flex, rigid-flex and multilayer boards for advanced products in aerospace, defense and other specialized sectors.

15. Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits focuses exclusively on PCB fabrication suited for prototypes through medium volumes.

Headquarters: Sparks, NV

Locations: Production facilities in Sparks, NV and Jamestown, NY


  • Prototyping, NPI and medium volume production
  • Two to 24 layer boards up to 18” x 24” (457mm x 610mm)
  • Rigid, rigid-flex, HDI and metal core boards


  • Optimized processes for fast fabrication in under 5 days
  • AS9100:D and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality systems
  • Advanced electrical testing and X-ray capabilities

Why Sierra:

Sierra Circuits provides rapid, high quality PCB fabrication well-suited for prototyping and ramping innovative products to production.


This listing of top PCB manufacturers in the USA provides a glimpse into the technologies and capabilities helping accelerate electronics innovation across the country.

Leveraging domestic PCB production enables confidentiality, high performance and responsiveness for cutting edge products. Global manufacturers complement with cost-effective volume production. Selecting the right strategic partners speeds up designing, prototyping and ramping the next big thing in electronics!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which US PCB manufacturer is best for low volume production?

A1: For low volume production, quickturn focused manufacturers like Sunstone Circuits, Advanced Circuits and Sierra Circuits provide fast fabrication with small order quantities.

Q2: Who are the main PCB manufacturers supporting defense projects?

A2: Defense contractors like TTM Technologies, AT&S, TTI Inc. and Calumet manufacture advanced PCBs meeting stringent defense standards and certification.

Q3: What industries are served by US PCB manufacturers?

A3: Key end industries served include aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, telecom, IoT products, industrial control systems and more.

Q4: How can I get PCB assembly done with a US manufacturer?

A4: Companies like Vexos, Advanced Circuits, Amitron and Sanmina provide integrated PCB fabrication, assembly and testing in domestic facilities.

Q5: Which major global PCB companies have US manufacturing capabilities?

A5: Global players like TTM Technologies, AT&S and Sanmina Corporation augment their Asia-Pacific capabilities through US facilities focused on high value PCB production.