Top 18 HDI PCB Manufacturers in The World

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High density interconnect (HDI) PCB fabrication requires significant expertise and process sophistication. As products continue getting more compact and complex, demand for HDI boards is increasing across consumer electronics, auto, medical, aerospace/defense and other industries.

However, due to the production challenges involved, only a handful of manufacturers worldwide have developed specialized capabilities to reliably mass-produce HDI boards. This article provides an overview of the top HDI PCB manufacturers based on factors like technology leadership, quality, volumes, global footprint and customer base.

HDI board production capability is determined by several key parameters:

  • Line/space and microvia dimensions
  • Number of sequentially laminated layers
  • Panel sizes
  • Stackup configurations
  • Board thicknesses
  • Material sets
  • Yields and defect rates
  • Testing ability
  • Certifications

Let us look at the top players in detail and what sets them apart.

Top 18 HDI PCB Manufacturers

1. TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies is currently the largest HDI PCB producer worldwide with over 25 production sites across North America, China, Vietnam and Germany.


USA, Canada, China, Vietnam, Germany


  • 2 mil line/space
  • 4 mil microvias
  • Up to 30 layer HDI stackups
  • Panel size up to 28” x 36”
  • 0.002” microvia laser drilling


  • $500M annual HDI revenue
  • Multi-billion HDI boards shipped


  • Top OEMs across aerospace, auto, and high-end commercial markets


  • ISO, AS9100, IATF 16949, ITAR Registered

2. AT&S

AT&S is the European market leader in HDI PCBs with large high-tech facilities in Austria and India.


Austria, India, China


  • 5 μm lines and spaces
  • 30 μm laser drilled microvias
  • Panel size up to 585mm x 585mm
  • High layer count >16 layers


  • €800 million annual revenue
  • Leading European HDI manufacturer


  • Major European and US OEMs


  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949

3. Rayming Technology

Rayming is a major PCB and high-density PCB manufacturer from China with advanced technology and large export volumes across markets.


China, Malaysia


  • 3 mil line/space capability
  • 6 mil microvias
  • 20 layer HDI and complex mixed signal
  • 24″ x 18″ panel size
  • Volume production down to 0.15mm microvias


  • $300 million+ annual revenue
  • High among Asia HDI manufacturers


  • Xiaomi, Lenovo, Haier, Gree, Zebra, etc.


  • ISO 9001, TL 9000, ISO 14001

Leading HDI PCB Manufacturers

Here are some other major manufacturers with strong HDI PCB capabilities:

4. Unimicron

One of the largest Asian PCB manufacturers located in Taiwan with sites in China, Germany and USA.


  • 2 mil line/space
  • 4 mil microvias
  • Stackups up to 20 layers
  • All standard HDI materials

5. Ibiden

Japanese manufacturer with leadership in packaging substrates expanding into HDI PCBs.


  • 20 μm microvias
  • 5 μm lines/spaces
  • Panel size 710mm x 610mm

6. Tripod Technology

Taiwan based company focused on HDI and high layer count PCBs.


  • 2 mil line/space
  • 4 mil microvias
  • Up to 20 layer HDI

7. Würth Elektronik

A German PCB manufacturer with sites in China and Bulgaria offering HDI multilayer boards.


  • 100μm microvias
  • 50μm line/space
  • Up to 16 layer

8. Compeq

Major Taiwanese PCB supplier with an extensive HDI product line.


  • 4 mil microvias
  • 2 oz. and 1 oz. copper on microvia layers

9. Cicor Group

Swiss manufacturer focused on complex, miniaturized PCBs like HDI, RF and flex-rigid boards.


  • Board thickness from 50μm
  • Blind and buried vias
  • 0201 components assembly

10. All Flex

Leading USA based flex PCB manufacturer providing specialized HDI flex circuits.


  • 2 mil traces and 3 mil spaces
  • 4-8 layer flex stackups
  • Down to 0.005” thickness

Other Notable HDI PCB Manufacturers

11. Shennan Circuits

One of the largest PCB producers in China with strong HDI technology.

12. Kinwong

Hong Kong based manufacturer offering a range of HDI capabilities.

13. Young Poong Electronics

Major Korean PCB supplier with an HDI focus.

14. Multi-Fineline Electronix (MFLEX)

Leading USA flex PCB manufacturer including HDI flex circuits.

15. Zhen Ding Tech

Large Taiwan based PCB maker with good HDI technology.


UK manufacturer providing small to medium volume HDI boards.

17. Lenthor Engineering

Singapore based specialist in high mix HDI boards.

18. Minco

USA headquartered supplier focused on HDI boards for defense, aerospace, and medical applications.

This list covers many of the top manufacturers worldwide advancing HDI PCB fabrication, though still not exhaustive. The competitive landscape is evolving quickly as technology and demand continue growing.

Evaluating HDI PCB Manufacturers

Here are some key aspects to consider when selecting an HDI partner:

Technical Capability

  • Line/space widths and microvia sizes
  • Number of HDI laminated layers
  • Panel sizes supported
  • Materials and finishes offered
  • Design, DFM and prototyping services


  • Process controls and tolerances
  • First pass yields
  • Testing and inspection regimes
  • Certifications like ISO 9001


  • HDI revenue/output volumes
  • Established base of HDI customers
  • Production capacity and scalability


  • Design support – layout, stackup, DFM
  • Assembly offered or partnered
  • Supply chain flexibility and risk management


  • HDI pricing models
  • NRE charges
  • Value-added options
  • Volume discounts

Customer Base

  • Experience serving similar electronics segments
  • Reference customers

Assessing both the hard manufacturing capabilities as well as program management services will ensure finding the right partner to cost-effectively deliver quality HDI boards at scale.

HDI PCB Manufacturing Trends

The HDI PCB market has seen strong growth driven by electronics miniaturization and will continue evolving:

  • HDI revenues forecast to grow 8%+ annually through 2025
  • Increasing HDI adoption in autos, industrials and medical products
  • Continued technology progression:
    • Microvia sizes below 50μm
    • Sub-20μm line/space
    • Laser direct imaging improving yields
    • Additive processes for fine features
  • Growth in small to medium size HDI manufacturers
    • Pressures on technology leaders to maintain edge
  • China’s strengthening position
    • Attractive for high volume HDI
    • But IP protection concerns remain

As HDI gains broader adoption, choosing manufacturers with proven expertise in controlled volume production will be key for quality and supply security assurance.


HDI PCB technology enables highly integrated and miniaturized electronics designs. But fabricating these dense interconnect boards reliably at scale requires significant process mastery. A small group of manufacturers worldwide have developed specialized capabilities targeted for volume HDI production.

Selecting from these proven suppliers with strong technology, quality control and volume capacity – like the partners covered in this article – will be prudent to de-risk HDI programs. As demand rises, evaluating both technical expertise and program management competencies will be crucial in picking the right high density interconnect partner.

HDI PCB Manufacturer Selection FAQs

Q: How many competent HDI suppliers should be considered for risk management?

A: Evaluate at least 2-3 strong HDI partners meeting program needs as contingency. Dual sourcing provides supply security if issues emerge at one vendor.

Q: Should HDI manufacturers be located close to the product’s end market?

A: Some geographic proximity is preferable for logistics, communication and engineering collaboration. But a truly differentiated HDI process can outweigh location.

Q: How to compare HDI pricing between different manufacturers?

A: Normalize pricing to key parameters – layers, line width, microvia sizes, panel size, layer type. Require detailed cost breakdowns including NREs for apples-to-apples comparison.

Q: What certification is most important for HDI PCB suppliers?

A: IATF 16949 specific to automotive sector is desirable. Otherwise ISO 9001 quality management certification is essential to validate process controls.

Q: Should HDI manufacturers be evaluated separately from standard PCB partners?

A: Yes, conventional PCB expertise does not automatically translate to strong HDI capabilities. The specialized processes involved warrant treating it as distinct discipline.