Top 40 Electronic Makers in the World

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Electronics technology transforms the modern world. From smartphones to autonomous vehicles to cloud computing infrastructure, electronics innovations enable capabilities that were unimaginable just decades ago. Powering this technology revolution are the leading makers of electronic components, devices, and systems.

The top electronic makers drive advancements through massive R&D investments, high-volume manufacturing, and global supply chain networks. The following are 40 of the most impactful and successful electronics companies in the world today:

1. Samsung Electronics

Location: South Korea

Revenue: $197 billion

Overview: The world’s largest IT company, Samsung is a leader in smartphones, televisions, displays, memory chips, and home appliances. Their semiconductor division is among the largest chipmakers. Samsung is a dominant force in the consumer and enterprise electronics landscapes.

2. Foxconn

Location: Taiwan

Revenue: $172 billion

Overview: The largest electronics contractor manufacturer, Foxconn assembles products for Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, and many other major brands. Their global manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain enable high-volume electronics production.

3. Apple

Location: United States

Revenue: $166 billion

Overview: One of the world’s most valuable brands, Apple consistently shapes consumer technology trends with its iPhone, iPad, Mac, and wearables. Their focus on design, UX, and seamless ecosystem integration defines the Apple experience.

4. HP Inc.

Location: United States

Revenue: $58.5 billion

Overview: A leading provider of computers, printers, 3D printing, digital imaging, and other electronics for consumers and enterprises. HP enables digital transformation and evolution of technology in the workplace.

5. Sony

Location: Japan

Revenue: $67 billion

Overview: From TVs and cameras to PlayStation consoles and entertainment content, Sony remains an iconic consumer electronics brand. They continue innovating across audio, visual, semiconductor, and gaming categories.

6. Dell Technologies

Location: United States

Revenue: $61.5 billion

Overview: Major provider of computers, servers, networking, storage, and IT services. Dell’s infrastructure delivers the computing power to enable cloud, AI, and next-gen applications.

7. Lenovo

Location: China

Revenue: $60 billion

Overview: A leader in consumer and enterprise PCs, tablets, smartphones, and data centers. Lenovo combines efficient manufacturing and R&D investments to offer innovative products worldwide.

8. Panasonic

Location: Japan

Revenue: $55 billion

Overview: Manufactures diverse electronics including home appliances, batteries, solar power, automotive systems, aircraft in-flight entertainment, and industrial robotics. Their products improve consumer lifestyles and business operations.

9. Ericsson

Location: Sweden

Revenue: $22 billion

Overview: Major telecommunications equipment provider that enables cellular and 5G networks. Ericsson offers infrastructure, software, and services that allow high-performance wireless connectivity around the world.

10. Corning Inc.

Location: United States

Revenue: $14 billion

Overview: Leading innovator of materials science including the Gorilla Glass used in mobile devices. Corning also produces optical communications solutions and life sciences laboratory products.

11. Legrand

Location: France

Revenue: $7.5 billion

Overview: Global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructure including power distribution, building controls automation, and data center cabinets. Supports advancement of spaces where people live, work and play.

12. First Solar

Location: United States

Revenue: $2.7 billion

Overview: Among the largest global providers of solar panel technology and manufacturing. First Solar’s modules unlock clean, renewable solar electricity generation capabilities worldwide.

13. Renesas Electronics

Location: Japan

Revenue: $6.1 billion

Overview: Major semiconductor manufacturer specializing in microcontrollers, analog, and power devices used in automotive, industrial, and IoT applications. Enables intelligent connected technologies.

14. NXP Semiconductors

Location: Netherlands

Revenue: $8.9 billion

Overview: Leading provider of processors, sensors, and power management chips. NXP’s solutions enable secure connected cars, payment processing, mobile communications, automation, and other innovations.

15. Nintendo

Location: Japan

Revenue: $12 billion

Overview: Pioneering video game company behind iconic brands like Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon. Nintendo Switch, their hybrid home and handheld console, demonstrates their innovation in interactive entertainment.

16. LG Electronics

Location: South Korea

Revenue: $48 billion

Overview: Major manufacturer of electronic products including home appliances, televisions, smartphones, vehicle components, and innovative display solutions leveraging OLED technology.

17. Garmin

Location: United States

Revenue: $4.2 billion

Overview: Global navigation and electronics company specializing in GPS systems for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sport activities. Enables individuals to benefit from location and sensor technologies.

18. GoPro

Location: United States

Revenue: $891 million

Overview: Enables capture of immersive action footage using industry-leading compact cameras and drones. Empowers digital storytelling and content creation among consumers and professionals alike.

19. OnePlus

Location: China

Revenue: $1.4 billion

Overview: Producer of premium Android smartphones focused on high-end performance and fast charging capabilities at more affordable prices compared to rivals. Maintains a streamlined product focus.

20. Fitbit

Location: United States

Revenue: $1.4 billion

Overview: The leading maker of fitness and health tracker wearables that connect to phones and computers to provide data insights, goal setting, and coaching. Enables consumers to improve wellness.

21. Motorola Solutions

Location: United States

Revenue: $8.2 billion

Overview: Provides communications equipment, software, services and analytics for government, public safety agencies, and businesses. Their technologies enable greater operational efficiency and safety.

22. Avnet

Location: United States

Revenue: $19.5 billion

Overview: Global leader in the distribution and supply chain services for electronic components and embedded solutions. Avnet streamlines technological innovation by delivering the parts designers need.

23. Plexus Corp.

Location: United States

Revenue: $3.8 billion

Overview: Major contract manufacturer that provides design, engineering, manufacturing, and fulfillment services for companies in industries like networking, medical, aerospace, and defense.

24. RayMing Technology

Location: China

Revenue: $250 million

Overview: Leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards, assembly, and full box build electronics serving markets including industrial automation, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications.

25. Arrow Electronics

Location: United States

Revenue: $29 billion

Overview: Global distributor and supply chain solution provider for electronic components and enterprise computing hardware. Helps over 200,000 customers bring their innovations to life.

26. Flex

Location: Singapore

Revenue: $24 billion

Overview: Contract designer and manufacturer providing services for medical, automotive, communications, consumer, aerospace, and other products. Enables companies to optimize and outsource supply chain operations.

27. Sanmina Corporation

Location: United States

Revenue: $6.7 billion

Overview: EMS company specializing in advanced PCBs, precision metal fabrication, and product integration tailored to sectors including communications, computing, medical, defense, and industrial.

28. Celestica Inc.

Location: Canada

Revenue: $5.6 billion

Overview: Multinational provider of manufacturing and design services for electronics in aerospace and defense, industrial, smart energy, healthtech, communications, and other segments.

29. Arduino

Location: Italy

Revenue: $46 million

Overview: Enabling easy prototyping, Arduino offers open-source microcontroller boards and software. Their technology allows anyone from hobbyists to professionals to create interactive electronic projects.

30. Raspberry Pi

Location: United Kingdom

Revenue: $37 million

Overview: Produces low cost, credit-card sized single board computers that run Linux. Their affordable devices help enable DIY electronics projects as well as industrial IoT applications.

31. Silicon Labs

Location: United States

Revenue: $722 million

Overview: Fabless semiconductor company specializing in wireless, timing, isolation, sensing, power and security technologies for smart home, IoT, industrial, communications, and infrastructure apps.

32. Analog Devices

Location: United States

Revenue: $6 billion

Overview: World leader in analog, mixed signal, and DSP integrated circuits for industrial, automotive, communications, and consumer applications. Enables real-world connectivity through embedded signal processing.

33. ams AG

Location: Austria

Revenue: $2.4 billion

Overview: Develops and produces analog semiconductors including sensors, interfaces, displays, and integrated circuits for mobile, consumer, medical, and automotive sectors.

34. ON Semiconductor

Location: United States

Revenue: $6.7 billion

Overview: Global supplier of intelligent power and sensing semiconductors and customized solutions supporting IoT, clean energy, connectivity, automation, transportation, and more.

35. Texas Instruments

Location: United States

Revenue: $18.3 billion

Overview: World’s largest analog IC and embedded processor supplier. TI’s semiconductors enable advances in industrial automation, telecommunications, automotive, electronics manufacturing, and more.

36. AAC Technologies

Location: China

Revenue: $2.5 billion

Overview: Specializes in micro components and precision technologies for mobile devices and electronics including haptics, optics, acoustics, electromagnetic drives, and MEMS.

37. Dynabook

Location: Japan

Revenue: $7 billion

Overview: Wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation manufacturing laptops, electronics, and information systems. Their Toshiba Client Solutions group provides advanced business computing solutions.

38. Richardson Electronics

Location: United States

Revenue: $176 million

Overview: Global provider of engineered solutions and electronic components for RF, microwave, power conversion, and display systems. Services range from replacement parts to full design.

39. Bench Sci

Location: Canada

Revenue: $150 million

Overview: Develops and manufactures electronics and software to modernize laboratory equipment. Their smart devices and connectivity improve R&D productivity and data insights for scientists.

40. Myriad Electronic Solutions

Location: United States

Revenue: $35 million

Overview: Full-service designer and manufacturer of custom electronics focused on serving startups and fast-growing companies. Provides low-volume to mid-volume flexible manufacturing.

Driving the Future of Electronics

This list highlights the diversity of companies propelling the fast-paced electronics industry. From massive corporations like Samsung and Foxconn to startups like Bench Sci and Myriad, these manufacturers are driving innovation and bringing new capabilities to consumers and businesses. The swift advancements in electronics depend on the continued ingenuity of these technology leaders.


What region is home to the most major electronic makers?

Asia Pacific hosts a number of the largest electronics companies including Samsung, Foxconn, Sony, Lenovo, and LG. The US and Europe also have major companies like Apple, Dell, and Ericsson.

What are some major specializations among top electronic makers?

Specializations include consumer electronics, semiconductors, enterprise IT, networking, automotive, aerospace, and medical electronics. Firms also focus on services like contract manufacturing.

Which companies primarily manufacture end consumer products?

Major makers of direct to consumer products include Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Garmin, and Fitbit, among others. Many firms instead offer components or contract manufacturing.

What emerging innovations are electronics companies investing in?

Key focus areas for R&D investment include artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, Internet of Things, autonomous systems, AR/VR, robotics, renewable energy, and digital health.

How does manufacturing scale influence electronics innovation?

Larger makers benefit from enormous resources to fuel research, but small companies also play an essential role in advancing electronics through their agility and specialty focus.