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New 3D Models - Most Recent Uploads

The latest additions to the free 3d model library from all categories.
Child toy boat shaped figurine

Format: Other model type
Rating: 4.83
Votes: 23
Child toy boat shaped figurine...
Views: 63
Size: 4221.61 KB
Imperial Class Star Destroyer

Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Rating: 4.83
Votes: 40
Imperial Class Star Destroyer...
Views: 142
Size: 358 KB
Medieval fantasy castle Twin-towers

Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Rating: 4.90
Votes: 49
Medieval fantasy castle Twin-towers...
Views: 211
Size: 1126.2 KB
Ancient Sword  fantasy blade

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.86
Votes: 51
Ancient Sword fantasy blade...
Views: 153
Size: 251.97 KB
Space Craft SciFi Military Airship

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.95
Votes: 65
Space Craft SciFi Military Airship...
Views: 196
Size: 348.47 KB
M4 carbine m4a1 family of firearms

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.77
Votes: 143
M4 carbine m4a1 family of firearms...
Views: 420
Size: 1136.58 KB
Lost in Space robot, B9 retro machine

Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Rating: 4.95
Votes: 135
Lost in Space robot, B9 retro machi...
Views: 311
Size: 4605.45 KB
Old fashion oil lamp retro lantern

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.91
Votes: 148
Old fashion oil lamp retro lantern...
Views: 350
Size: 76.93 KB
Sido'zz villa estate project design

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 3.60
Votes: 145
Sido'zz villa estate project design...
Views: 646
Size: 8940.17 KB
Doghouse small shelter shed for dogs

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.89
Votes: 246
Doghouse small shelter shed for dog...
Views: 689
Size: 18.89 KB
Lamboghini Aventador LP420P SportsCar

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.62
Votes: 192
Lamboghini Aventador LP420P SportsC...
Views: 776
Size: 9816.53 KB
Bust of Ludwig van Beethoven

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.91
Votes: 253
Bust of Ludwig van Beethoven...
Views: 741
Size: 126.57 KB
Bench modern style woodarmchair

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.90
Votes: 241
Bench modern style woodarmchair...
Views: 643
Size: 414 KB
Atrox Character of League of Legends

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 3.90
Votes: 173
Atrox Character of League of Legend...
Views: 1030
Size: 1117.33 KB
Ford GT 40 high performance racing car

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.75
Votes: 212
Ford GT 40 high performance racing ...
Views: 791
Size: 2274.6 KB
Human nose

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 3.72
Votes: 173
Human nose...
Views: 496
Size: 1656.05 KB

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April 27, 2015
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