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New 3D Models - Most Recent Uploads

The latest additions to the free 3d model library from all categories.
Hotair balloon craft US flag

Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Rating: 4.83
Votes: 6
Hotair balloon craft US flag...
Views: 188
Size: 426.04 KB
Vintage submarine ancient sub

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.75
Votes: 8
Vintage submarine ancient sub...
Views: 377
Size: 557.41 KB
Tower old windmill antique sails

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.86
Votes: 7
Tower old windmill antique sails...
Views: 203
Size: 253.18 KB
Cristiano Ronaldo footballer captain

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.58
Votes: 12
Cristiano Ronaldo footballer captai...
Views: 435
Size: 1897.91 KB
Generic house structure

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 3.75
Votes: 4
Generic house structure...
Views: 80
Size: 24.43 KB
World best players soccer boots

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 3.50
Votes: 4
World best players soccer boots...
Views: 64
Size: 498.01 KB
3d Juan Mata model

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.55
Votes: 11
3d Juan Mata model...
Views: 264
Size: 248.33 KB
Maus super-heavy tank fighting vehicle

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 3.63
Votes: 8
Maus super-heavy tank fighting vehi...
Views: 97
Size: 5204.4 KB
Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.25
Votes: 12
Fender Stratocaster electric guitar...
Views: 236
Size: 313.89 KB
SOFA classic style furniture

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.30
Votes: 10
SOFA classic style furniture...
Views: 160
Size: 339.04 KB
Future car evolution design

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.61
Votes: 23
Future car evolution design...
Views: 558
Size: 192.79 KB
Android max logo

Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Rating: 4.08
Votes: 12
Android max logo...
Views: 247
Size: 105.37 KB
3D anatomy body part with animation

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.23
Votes: 13
3D anatomy body part with animation...
Views: 521
Size: 4324.29 KB
Diving female body mesh

Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Rating: 3.75
Votes: 28
Diving female body mesh...
Views: 2038
Size: 1055.8 KB
The TajMahal palace India

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.76
Votes: 37
The TajMahal palace India...
Views: 828
Size: 3741.81 KB
Two-storey house modern design

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.24
Votes: 25
Two-storey house modern design...
Views: 746
Size: 60.95 KB

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April 24, 2014

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