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Autodesk Software; MotionBuilder
Mudbox mental ray Standalone 3ds Max Design Maya FBX Review

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Making India multinational initiative logo concept

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.50
Votes: 18
Making India multinational initiati...
Views: 93
Size: 10701.04 KB
Fountain Pen business office accessories

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.83
Votes: 18
Fountain Pen business office access...
Views: 68
Size: 1104.91 KB
 Professional video television camera

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.67
Votes: 18
Professional video television came...
Views: 71
Size: 357.71 KB

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.72
Votes: 96
Views: 153
Size: 22450.95 KB
3D Architectural modeling from URCADServices

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.68
Votes: 80
3D Architectural modeling from URCA...
Views: 122
Size: 1027.35 KB
Underwater naval mines in the sea

Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Rating: 4.61
Votes: 84
Underwater naval mines in the sea...
Views: 91
Size: 561.43 KB
Low polygon space ship with texture

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.65
Votes: 285
Low polygon space ship with texture...
Views: 84
Size: 49.22 KB
Tablet wireless notebook touch screen interface

Format: (.blend) Blender
Rating: 3.90
Votes: 31
Tablet wireless notebook touch scre...
Views: 37
Size: 1015.23 KB
Brown Leather Sofa Couch

Format: (.ma, .mb) Maya
Rating: 4.89
Votes: 45
Brown Leather Sofa Couch...
Views: 54
Size: 11.29 KB
Classic Accent Chair Halley Armchair

Format: (.max) 3ds max
Rating: 4.77
Votes: 222
Classic Accent Chair Halley Armchai...
Views: 87
Size: 3670.85 KB
Florida 2story Mediterranean Style House

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.42
Votes: 184
Florida 2story Mediterranean Style ...
Views: 130
Size: 3343.93 KB
Weeping willow tropical ornamental tree

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.56
Votes: 137
Weeping willow tropical ornamental ...
Views: 96
Size: 3180.34 KB
Peugeot 308 CC white cabriolet car

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.33
Votes: 140
Peugeot 308 CC white cabriolet car...
Views: 99
Size: 105.49 KB
LOGO spherical 3-d design sample

Format: Other model type
Rating: 3.22
Votes: 102
LOGO spherical 3-d design sample...
Views: 43
Size: 214.02 KB
Florida condo apartment blueprint 2bedroom

Format: (.obj) OBJ
Rating: 4.03
Votes: 174
Florida condo apartment blueprint 2...
Views: 178
Size: 1118 KB
Maybach Exelero high-performance unique car

Format: (.blend) Blender
Rating: 3.41
Votes: 111
Maybach Exelero high-performance un...
Views: 52
Size: 1867.58 KB

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Autodesk Software; MotionBuilder
Mudbox mental ray Standalone 3ds Max Design Maya FBX Review

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