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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide the foundation for electronics by mechanically supporting and electrically connecting components using conductive copper traces on an insulating substrate. PCBs come in an endless array of types, sizes, materials, and complexities. Selecting the right PCB manufacturer is crucial for success when bringing an electronic product to market.

This article provides an in-depth overview of WUS PCB, a China-based PCB manufacturer serving customers worldwide. We’ll explore WUS’s service capabilities, facility and equipment highlights, quality certifications, and technology expertise across various PCB types. Read on for a comprehensive guide covering everything electronics engineers should know about WUS when considering them as a PCB fabrication partner.

Company Background and Overview

WUS Printed Circuit Co., Ltd (hereafter WUS PCB) was established in 2004 in the technology hub of Shenzhen, China. The company has grown over 18 years into a leading global provider of quality PCB prototypes and volume production services.

WUS specializes in serving startups, makers, and engineers with rapid fabrication of prototype boards with no minimum quantity. This makes iterating on designs economical and flexible during the development process.

For volume production, WUS supports cost-effective manufacturing runs along with rigorous quality inspection. Their scalable facilities allow adapting quickly to changing customer demand.

WUS holds ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 quality certifications. They are dedicated to continuous improvement to exceed international quality standards.

Facilities and Manufacturing Capabilities

WUS PCB operates a 150,000 ft2 facility outfitted with cutting-edge PCB fabrication equipment.

Equipment Highlights

  • Over 15 advanced direct imaging (DI) machines enable precise 30um lines/spaces
  • Multiple direct plating lines ensure quality plated through holes
  • High speed Siemens and Japax drilling meet precision hole tolerances
  • Laser photo plotters and mechanical plots for solder mask imaging
  • Wide array of inspection tools – AOI, film reducer, electrical test
  • Environmentally controlled fabrication rooms and storage

Investment in precision equipment allows WUS to produce reliable, high-quality boards cost-effectively.

Manufacturing Capacity

  • 200,000 ft2 monthly PCB output
  • Capable of fabricating 20+ layer boards
  • Panel sizes up to 585 x 585 mm
  • 0.2 – 6.0 mm thickness range
  • Minimum trace/space down to 4/4 mil (0.1mm)
  • Via diameter down to 0.15mm with filled copper cap
  • Field reliability lab and testing

These specs position WUS well to handle advanced HDI PCB technologies.

PCB Types Offered

WUS supports quickturn fabrication of nearly any PCB form:

Rigid PCBs

  • FR4, Rogers, polyimide, and other rigid laminate materials
  • 1 to 32+ layers

Flex/Rigid Flex PCBs

  • Flexible circuits with or without rigid sections
  • Polyimide and flexible FR4 material options

High Frequency PCBs

  • Controlled impedance with precision dielectrics
  • Low loss, tight tolerance materials

Metal Core PCBs

  • Dielectrics bonded to Aluminum or Copper core
  • High thermal dissipation

High Density Interconnects

  • Fine features, high layer counts, blind/buried vias
  • Sequential lamination

Aluminum PCBs

  • PCBs fabricated with a surface layer of aluminum
  • Replaces traditional heatsinks

IC Substrates

This versatility suits WUS to a wide range of PCB applications.

Quality and Certifications

WUS maintains stringent quality control to guarantee consistent, defect-free PCBs:

  • IPC Class 2 and Class 3 fabrication standards
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management
  • Certified to IATF 16949:2016 automotive standard
  • RoHS compliant lead-free manufacturing
  • Layer-to-layer registration accuracy <0.05mm
  • 100% electrical testing of boards
  • Automated optical and x-ray inspection
  • Field application engineers ensure first-run success

These measures allow WUS to deliver high reliability PCBs suitable for use in end products.

Rapid Prototyping Services

WUS offers comprehensive quickturn PCB prototyping services ideal for accelerating project development:

  • No minimum quantity required
  • Online DFM feedback within 2 hours
  • 1-4 day standard fabrication time
  • Multilayer, HDI, and flex/rigid prototype options
  • Full testing – netlist verification, ICT, flying probe
  • Optional assembly for populated boards
  • Economical small batches
  • Veteran engineers support complex builds

Quickturns from WUS allow proofing concepts before investing in volume production. Engineers can get from design to prototypes in hand within a week.

Volume PCB Production

Once a design is verified, WUS has volume production capabilities to meet ongoing needs:

  • Medium to high volume production runs
  • Streamlined order and supply chain management
  • Stringent quality control standards
  • Quality metrics visible through online customer portal
  • Continuous process improvements
  • Veteran staff oversight on complex projects
  • Proactive customer communication
  • Flexible order scheduling
  • Mix of automated and manual assembly lines

Smoothly scaling from prototypes to mass production with a single partner avoids gaps in quality or service.

Additional PCB Services

Beyond core PCB manufacturing, WUS provides these value-added services:

PCB Design

  • Schematic capture and PCB layout services
  • Engineers skilled in Altium, Cadence, PADs and others

Component Sourcing

  • Procure and kit parts for PCB assemblies
  • Vetted suppliers and component engineering

PCBA Assembly

  • In-house SMT, through-hole and box build
  • Conformal coating, potting, cabling
  • Functional testing capability

Engineering Consulting

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reviews
  • Stackup development
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Thermal design assistance

Leveraging these services from initial design through post-manufacturing support enables bringing products to market faster.

Why Choose WUS PCB?

WUS offers these advantages as a PCB partner:

  • 18+ years of manufacturing expertise
  • Quality certifications to global standards
  • Leading edge equipment for precision processing
  • Veteran engineering team overseeing complex projects
  • Capability across all common PCB types
  • Flexible order quantities from prototypes to volume production
  • Value-added offerings like PCBA, sourcing, design services
  • Ideal for startups through established companies

WUS has grown from serving makers into a premier global PCB company thanks to a focus on quality, reliability and customer service. For PCB needs from simple to complex across any industry, WUS provides a trusted fabrication partner.


This article has provided a detailed overview of WUS PCB’s capabilities, services, facilities and expertise. A culture of quality assurance, continuous improvement and customer service makes WUS well-suited for prototype or volume PCB work. Their modern plant can reliably produce conventional, HDI, flex, rigid-flex, RF and metal core PCBs. Added offerings like PCBA, sourcing and engineering consulting enable turnkey product development.

With two decades of experience perfecting the PCB fabrication craft, WUS has earned its reputation as a premier China-based PCB manufacturer. Engineers can be confident selecting WUS PCB as their trusted PCB partner. Their rapid prototyping abilities combined with scalable volume manufacturing and dedication to quality makes WUS an ideal choice to support PCB needs from concept through production.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does WUS PCB serve?

WUS supports a diverse global customer base across consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, telecom, medical, aviation/aerospace, instrumentation and other industries.

Does WUS provide design services if I don’t have PCB CAD files?

Yes, WUS offers comprehensive PCB design services including schematic capture, board layout, library creation, and signal integrity analysis through their partner WUS Printed Circuit Design Services.

What are WUS PCB’s payment terms?

Several options exist. Prototype and small volume orders are paid upfront with credit card or wire transfer. For larger production orders, 30% deposit is typical with net 30 or net 45 day payment terms.

How does WUS ensure consistent quality across production lots?

Stringent process controls, operator training, routine machine calibration and maintenance, sampling, and extensive inspection testing ensure repeatable execution regardless of order size.

Does WUS provide thermal analysis or signal integrity simulations?

WUS has partnered EM engineering teams that can simulate board stackups, analyze signal integrity, perform thermal modeling, and provide other simulation services.