Is Wurth FPC Right for You?

Printed Circuit Boards have been around for decades now, and their impact has been immense, without a doubt. Since they hit the market, PCBs have helped manufacturers produce small, powerful gadgets at affordable prices without compromising the gadget’s performance. Moreover, PCBs come in different types: rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible printed circuit boards.

However, of these three varieties, flexible printed circuits, the most complex circuit board to manufacture after rigid-flex circuits, are gaining popularity fast. However, most manufacturers haven’t perfected the art of developing FPCs. The few companies that have perfected this art include Artist 3D. But what makes Wurth flexible printed circuit boards better? Are these circuit boards worth trying out? And if yes, which benefits do Wurth FPCs bring to the table?


FCPs, or flexible printed circuit boards, are circuit boards that can be manipulated to bend according to the will of the user. Developed a while back by the USA for their space rocket tech in 1970, these printed circuit boards have become popular in the modern era.

FCPs are made using polyimide or polyester films which act as the board’s substrate and provide impeccable flexibility and high reliability. By simply embedding a circuit board design onto a bendable slim plastic component, you can stack multiple precision components in a narrow space to generate an FPC.

FPCs have the following characteristics that make them pretty popular and useful:

  • They are flexible, which means that they can be bent
  • They can be folded
  • FPCs are lightweight
  • They are small in size
  • Lastly, they have impeccable heat dissipation

Moreover, these circuit boards are also pretty easy to install and break through traditional interconnection tech.

Regarding the structure of FPCs, they encompass various components, including adhesive, conductors, and insulating films.

Insulating Films

Insulating films, or simply insulators, are utilized by technicians to effectively separate conductors in FPCs since they do not conduct electricity. They, therefore, prevent short circuits, which might damage the integrity of the circuit board.

Moreover, insulators also provide mechanical support to the FPC.

Common insulators in the PCB industry include:

  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Polyethylene naphthalene
  • Solder mask
  • Polyester
  • Polyimide


Technicians utilize adhesive to bind SMT or surface mount tech components to the circuit board. However, the adhesive application should correspond with the design specifications to maintain the board’s thickness.

Some of the most common adhesives in the industry include:

  • PSAs
  • Acrylic
  • Epoxy

You should also note that some circuit boards are developed without adhesive.


FPC conductors allow the flow of current freely in the FPC. Technicians primarily utilize copper as the conductor in FPCs. However, other substitutes exist, which include:

  • Silver ink
  • Carbon
  • Aluminum et cetera


Finishes are crucial components applied on the FPC to shield the circuitry areas from oxidation. As per the application of the finish, it all depends on the design requirements. The most common finishes in the industry include:

  • Carbon
  • Tin
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Solder

FPCs are the perfect solution for meeting various electronic product mobile and miniaturization requirements. That is because these circuit boards efficiently reduce the weight and volume of electronic gadgets.

These components are perfect for generating electrical products that need to be reliable and space efficient.

Wurth Printed Circuit Board in a Nutshell

The Wurth organization is located in Hamburg and is renowned for its tools and fasteners. Currently, the company has over eight thousand employees and serves multiple clients from all over the world. As per their product catalog, these manufacturers have over 125,000 different product varieties. Moreover, the company has over four hundred and fifty distribution sites globally, which they use to distribute their products effectively.

In press fitting tech, Wurth carries out the following:

  • Printed circuit board production
  • Passive electronic gadget assemblies
  • Electromechanical components production

Moreover, the company has links with multiple external research communities, which helps them better serve their clients.

Wurth FPC Products

Over time, Wurth has perfected the art of producing flexible printed circuit boards. Utilizing modern technology and multiple experienced practitioners, Wurth makes high-quality FPC at affordable prices.

Additionally, Wurth also major in the production of FPC connectors which include:

  • LIF connectors or Low Insertion Force connectors
  • ZIF connectors or Zero Insertion Force connectors

Why should you select Wurth Flexible Printed Circuit Boards?

Wurth has been in the industry for quite some time now, and they have a lot of experience in the production of FPCs. That is one of the main reasons why you should entrust Wurth to produce your FPC. However, this company also handles up to 120 PCB designs daily, serving over four thousand customers, from small single-person companies to multinational companies. Therefore, this company can handle your order with ease.

In addition to all these, Wurth also has an online platform to serve their customers. Therefore, you can visit their site and place your order.

Moreover, Wurth is the number one printed circuit board manufacturing company in the world; therefore, they are pretty famous. And in addition to this, they still provide expert advice to clients and support them throughout the production process, from the idea phase down to the production phase.

Moreover, the company also majors in the production of modern-day tech components, which include:


REDCUBE SMD or R-SMD is simply a multi-layer, tiny-diameter SMD with impeccable power-handling abilities. The design of this component features low self-heating and contact resistance to ensure higher densities with no critical heat issue on the FPC. Moreover, this feature offers impeccable holding force and a ninety-degree circuit board to circuit board connections.

The unique feature of this component makes it great for prototype and mass-production applications.

WURTH Circuit Board Mount Fuse Holders

These circuit board mouse-fuse holders are specially designed for applications that involve circuit board-mounting protection. Moreover, these components can effectively handle around 1500V ac/min.


Flexible printed circuit boards are a crucial component in the 21st century. The increased need for smaller, efficient components such as wearable and foldable smartphones has immensely boosted the demand for these circuit boards. Even though these components are vital to the electronics industry right now, producing them can be a hassle for many technicians. However, Wurth is here for you. Their FPC production capabilities are a phenomenon. Therefore, if you are looking for a manufacturer to handle your FPC production, consider coming at this company.

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