Top 6 PCB manufacturers in Taiwan ( Updated 2023 )

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Taiwan has established itself as a major global hub for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, home to leading producers supplying complex boards for advanced electronics. This article profiles the top 6 PCB manufacturers in Taiwan, covering their capabilities, specializations, and prospects going into 2023.

Overview of Taiwan’s PCB Industry

Taiwan currently holds the second largest market share for PCB production globally behind only China:

  • Taiwan PCB industry revenue totaled around $10 billion in 2021.
  • Taiwan accounts for just under 20% of worldwide PCB output.
  • Over 80% of Taiwan’s PCB production is exported overseas, led by sales to China, United States, and the larger Asia-Pacific region.
  • The dense regional supply chains for electronics components facilitate PCB manufacturing growth.

Taiwan PCB manufacturers have invested heavily in facilities, automation, and R&D to expand capacity for advanced PCB technologies including:

  • High density interconnect (HDI) boards
  • Rigid-flex PCBs
  • High-frequency (RF/microwave) boards
  • IC substrates and packaging
  • Flexible circuits

Extensive engineering expertise and process know-how within Taiwan’s PCB industry enables meeting the most demanding product requirements.

Top 6 Taiwan PCB Manufacturers

1. Unimicron Technology Corporation

Unimicron is Taiwan’s largest PCB manufacturer and among the top 5 worldwide, with 2021 PCB revenues exceeding $2 billion. Unimicron offers the full spectrum of PCB types ranging from single-sided to multilayer HDI, flexible, and rigid-flex boards as well as chip scale packaging. It possesses advanced R&D capabilities for developing cutting-edge PCB technologies. Major markets served include communications, computing, automotive, and consumer electronics. Unimicron continues to expand global operations in China and Germany.

2. Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited

A leading flexible PCB specialist, Zhen Ding is the second largest PCB maker in Taiwan with 2021 sales over $1.8 billion. The company focuses on flex and rigid-flex PCBs serving customers across the communications, computer, automotive, industrial, and medical industries. Zhen Ding actively grows its global footprint with new facilities in China, Singapore, Hungary and Austria. The company is recognized for its innovation in flexible circuit capabilities.

3. Tripod Technology Corporation

With revenues approaching $1 billion in 2021, Tripod Technology produces high-complexity multilayer boards up to 20 layers. Major applications include servers, telecom infrastructure, and networking. Tripod possesses advanced manufacturing capabilities for dense interconnects up to 6/6 μm line/space. It also produces specialty ceramic substrates and metal core boards. The company continues to expand production capacity.

4. Compeq Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Compeq specializes in producing high-density multilayer boards with lines and spaces below 25 μm. It manufactures high-end PCBs for computing applications demanding leading-edge interconnects. Compeq also manufactures 5G substrate boards for advanced RF modules. 2021 revenues exceeded $750 million. The company actively innovates in HDI technology and next-generation PCB materials.

5. Chin-Poon Industrial Co.

Founded in 1988, Chin-Poon manufactures automotive, industrial control, telecom, and medical PCBs. Revenues in 2021 were around $700 million. Chin-Poon possesses expertise in quality management and manufactures ISO-certified boards. The company is expanding production of circuit boards for vehicle engine control units and ADAS modules.

6. Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd.

Gold Circuit focuses on prototyping and small-batch manufacturing of multilayer boards. It produces quick-turn rigid, flex, rigid-flex, and metal-core PCBs. Niche capabilities include laser drilling and ALVD (any layer via hole deployment). 2021 revenues exceeded $300 million as the company serves startups through mass production.

Outlook for 2023

Taiwan’s printed circuit board industry appears poised for continued growth in 2023, led by key demand drivers:

  • Electric vehicle electronics – EV-related PCB production is forecast to rise over 15% to meet vehicle electrification and self-driving needs.
  • 5G infrastructure – Ongoing 5G network buildouts support PCB demand as 5G utilizes denser, higher-performance PCB technologies.
  • High-performance computing – Complex server and supercomputer PCBs require advanced interconnects driving business for Taiwan manufacturers.
  • Smartphones – Taiwan PCB makers supply leading Apple iPhone and Android phone OEMs that continue adopting new features requiring sophisticated PCBs.

However, downside risks exist from global recession concerns, inflationary pressures on raw materials, and potential disruptions from regional political and trade conflicts. Overall the outlook remains solid for Taiwan to maintain strength in cutting-edge PCB technologies during 2023.

Top Taiwan PCB Companies Comparison

Company2021 RevenueKey ProductsCore Specialties
Unimicron$2.1 billionRange of rigid, flex, flex-rigid PCBs; IC substrates and packagingLeading HDI, packaging, RF technologies
Zhen Ding$1.8 billionFlexible PCBs; Rigid-flex boardsFlex and rigid-flex PCB innovations
Tripod Technology$990 millionMultilayer rigid boards; Ceramic substratesUltra-high density interconnects
Compeq$753 millionHigh-density multilayer boardsCutting-edge interconnect densities
Chin-Poon$705 millionAutomotive, industrial, telecom, medical PCBsQuality certifications, automotive expertise
Gold Circuit$308 millionPrototyping and quick-turn productionFlexibility for startups or fast product iterations


Taiwan’s advanced PCB industry will remain crucial in 2023 for enabling sophisticated electronics through expertise in high-density, high-frequency, and flexible circuit innovations. Close cooperation within Taiwan’s vibrant electronics ecosystem fosters PCB manufacturing leadership. Unimicron, Zhen Ding, Tripod, Compeq, Chin-Poon, Gold Circuit, and other players are poised to deliver technology leadership as Taiwan maintains its position as a global PCB manufacturing powerhouse.

Top Taiwan PCB Companies FAQ

What are Taiwan’s advantages in PCB manufacturing?

Taiwan possesses advanced engineering talent, extensive PCB supply chains, strong technical universities, and a culture of innovation that supports cutting-edge PCB capabilities.

Do the top PCB companies in Taiwan only focus on the domestic market?

No, Taiwan PCB makers export most of their production overseas to China, North America, and other global electronics hubs. Only about 20% of output serves Taiwan customers directly.

Which technology segments are growing fastest for Taiwan PCB companies?

High density interconnects, IC substrates, flexible PCBs, and RF/microwave boards are outgrowing standard multilayer PCB segments as demand grows for sophisticated electronics.

What risks does the Taiwan PCB industry face going into 2023?

Headwinds include economic slowdowns lowering electronics demand, inflation driving up material costs, global supply chain stresses, and potential geopolitical tensions impacting regional stability.

How competitive is the Taiwan PCB industry landscape?

The market concentration is relatively high with around 80% of revenue going to the top 6 players. But over a hundred other PCB manufacturers foster competition through specialization in niche technologies.