RAYPCB New PCB Assembly Factory Tour

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Introduction to RAYPCB and Its New Factory

RAYPCB, a leading provider of high-quality PCB Assembly services, recently opened its new state-of-the-art factory. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth and its commitment to meeting the increasing demands of the electronics industry. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of RAYPCB’s new factory, highlighting its advanced capabilities, streamlined processes, and dedication to delivering exceptional PCB assembly solutions.


RAYPCB is a renowned PCB assembly company that has been serving the electronics industry for over a decade. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, RAYPCB has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. The company’s expertise spans various industries, including automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer electronics.

The Need for a New Factory

As RAYPCB continued to grow and expand its customer base, it became evident that a new, larger factory was necessary to accommodate the increasing demand for its services. The decision to build a new factory was driven by several key factors:

  1. Increased production capacity
  2. Enhanced automation and technology integration
  3. Improved workflow efficiency
  4. Expanded service offerings

Increased Production Capacity

The new RAYPCB factory boasts a significantly larger production area compared to its previous facility. With an expansive floor space of over 50,000 square feet, the factory can accommodate a higher volume of PCB assembly projects simultaneously. This increased capacity allows RAYPCB to take on more complex and demanding projects while maintaining its commitment to quality and timely delivery.

Factory Production Area (sq. ft.)
Previous 20,000
New 50,000

Enhanced Automation and Technology Integration

One of the key features of RAYPCB’s new factory is its investment in advanced automation and technology. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art PCB assembly equipment, including:

  • High-speed SMT lines
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems
  • X-ray inspection machines
  • Conformal coating equipment
  • Functional Testing stations

These advanced technologies enable RAYPCB to achieve higher levels of precision, consistency, and efficiency in the PCB assembly process. By leveraging automation, the company can minimize human error, reduce turnaround times, and ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

The layout and design of the new factory have been carefully planned to optimize workflow efficiency. The production area is divided into distinct sections, each dedicated to specific stages of the PCB assembly process. This logical arrangement minimizes unnecessary movement of materials and personnel, reducing lead times and improving overall productivity.

Section Purpose
SMT Surface mount technology
THT Through-hole technology
Inspection Quality control and testing
Packaging Final assembly and shipping

Expanded Service Offerings

With the increased capacity and capabilities of the new factory, RAYPCB is now able to offer a wider range of PCB assembly services. In addition to its core offerings, the company can now provide:

  • Prototype and low-volume production
  • High-mix, low-volume assembly
  • Box build and system integration
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) consulting

These expanded service offerings allow RAYPCB to cater to a broader range of customer needs, from early-stage product development to full-scale production.

The RAYPCB Factory Tour

Now that we have established the background and reasons behind RAYPCB’s new factory, let’s embark on a virtual tour of the facility. We will explore the different areas of the factory and gain insights into the PCB assembly process.

Reception and Office Area

Upon entering the RAYPCB factory, visitors are greeted by a modern and welcoming reception area. The space is designed to provide a comfortable and professional environment for clients and partners to discuss their projects and collaborate with the RAYPCB team. Adjacent to the reception area are the administrative offices, where the sales, engineering, and support teams work to ensure smooth communication and coordination throughout the PCB assembly process.

SMT Production Line

The surface mount technology (SMT) production line is the heart of RAYPCB’s PCB assembly operations. This area is equipped with high-speed pick-and-place machines, reflow ovens, and automated Solder Paste inspection systems. The SMT line is capable of handling a wide range of component sizes and types, from tiny 0201 passives to large BGAs and QFNs.

Equipment Purpose
Pick-and-place Precise placement of components on PCBs
Reflow oven Soldering components to the PCB
Solder paste inspection Ensuring accurate solder paste application

The SMT line is staffed by experienced operators who monitor the process and ensure that each PCB assembly meets the highest quality standards.

THT Assembly Area

For through-hole technology (THT) components, RAYPCB has a dedicated assembly area. This section is equipped with wave soldering machines, Selective Soldering systems, and manual assembly stations. The THT area accommodates both automated and manual insertion of through-hole components, providing flexibility for different project requirements.

Equipment Purpose
Wave soldering Soldering through-hole components to PCBs
Selective soldering Precise soldering of specific components
Manual assembly Handling of special or complex components

The THT assembly area is staffed by skilled technicians who ensure that each component is properly inserted and soldered, guaranteeing a reliable and robust final product.

Inspection and Testing

Quality control is a top priority at RAYPCB, and the new factory has a dedicated inspection and testing area to ensure that every PCB assembly meets the highest standards. This area is equipped with advanced inspection technologies, including:

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray inspection
  • In-circuit testing (ICT)
  • Functional testing
Equipment Purpose
AOI Detecting surface-level defects and inconsistencies
X-ray inspection Identifying hidden defects, such as voids or shorts
ICT Verifying the electrical connectivity of components
Functional testing Ensuring the PCB assembly performs as intended

The inspection and testing process is carried out by certified quality control personnel who adhere to strict protocols and industry standards.

Conformal Coating and Potting

For PCB assemblies that require additional protection against environmental factors, such as moisture, dust, or extreme temperatures, RAYPCB offers conformal coating and potting services. The new factory has a dedicated area for these processes, equipped with automated conformal coating machines and potting stations.

Equipment Purpose
Conformal coating Applying a protective layer to the PCB assembly
Potting Encapsulating components for enhanced durability

The conformal coating and potting area is managed by experienced technicians who ensure that the protective layers are applied evenly and consistently, providing the desired level of protection for the PCB assembly.

Packaging and Shipping

Once the PCB assemblies have passed all quality inspections and tests, they move to the packaging and shipping area. Here, the finished products are carefully packaged to protect them during transit. RAYPCB uses a variety of packaging materials, including antistatic bags, bubble wrap, and sturdy boxes, to ensure that the PCB assemblies reach their destination in perfect condition.

The shipping department works closely with trusted logistics partners to provide reliable and efficient delivery services to customers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the lead times for PCB assembly projects at RAYPCB’s new factory?
    RAYPCB’s new factory is designed to provide fast turnaround times for PCB assembly projects. Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the project and the current workload, but typically range from 5 to 15 working days.

  2. Does RAYPCB offer design for manufacturability (DFM) consulting services?
    Yes, RAYPCB offers DFM consulting services to help customers optimize their PCB designs for manufacturing. The company’s experienced engineers can review designs, provide feedback, and suggest improvements to enhance manufacturability and reduce costs.

  3. What certifications and quality standards does RAYPCB adhere to?
    RAYPCB holds several industry certifications and adheres to strict quality standards, including ISO 9001, IPC-A-610, and RoHS Compliance. These certifications demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing high-quality PCB assembly services.

  4. Can RAYPCB handle both prototype and high-volume production?
    Yes, RAYPCB’s new factory is equipped to handle both prototype and high-volume production. The company offers services for low-volume prototyping, as well as full-scale production runs, catering to the diverse needs of its customers.

  5. What is RAYPCB’s policy on intellectual property protection?
    RAYPCB takes intellectual property protection very seriously. The company has strict confidentiality agreements in place and implements secure data management practices to safeguard customers’ sensitive information and intellectual property.


RAYPCB’s new PCB assembly factory is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the electronics industry. With its advanced capabilities, streamlined processes, and expanded service offerings, RAYPCB is well-positioned to provide top-quality PCB assembly solutions to customers worldwide.

By investing in state-of-the-art technology, optimizing workflow efficiency, and maintaining a strong focus on quality, RAYPCB continues to set the standard for PCB assembly services. Whether you are a startup looking to prototype a new product or an established enterprise in need of high-volume production, RAYPCB has the expertise and resources to support your success.

To learn more about RAYPCB’s PCB assembly services and how the new factory can benefit your business, visit www.raypcb.com or contact the company’s sales team at sales@raypcb.com.