How Prusa i3 3D Printer is Changing the Industry

Prusa i3 3D Printer

Since three-dimensional printers hit the market, the tech industry has taken a turn for the best. Now, using this technology, people can print their custom designs in the comfort of their homes without consulting manufacturers. Moreover, manufacturers also jumped into this tech since it brought many advantages compared to the traditional methods that manufacturers were using. For instance, in the electronics industry, printed circuit board manufacturers can now manufacture PCBs faster using special PCB 3D printers compared to when using traditional methods. Moreover, the 3D printing PCB reduces the amount of waste produced during manufacturing. Therefore, they save on costs and materials they use for the process.

However, there are a lot of 3D printers that exist in the market today, some are good, and others are borderline perfect. One of these ideal 3D printers is known as the Prusa i3 three-dimensional printer. But what exactly makes the Pursa i3 3D printer perfect compared to other three-dimensional printers? And why should you even consider working with this printer?

The Prusa i3 3D Printer in a Nutshell

i3 3D Printer

The Pursa i3 three-dimensional printer has been in the industry for a while now, and its performance is just impeccable. Moreover, these printers exist in a series, and the latest version from this series, known as the Pursa, is the MK3S+ 3D printer which is an upgrade of its predecessor, the MK3S.

Manufacturers of the MK3S+ made some alterations to the predecessor’s performance and appearance to develop the new, more efficient version. Moreover, the under-hood alterations made to the predecessor, which up to now, is still a superb printer, has turned a printer that was already exceptional into a more reliable and durable 3D printer.

Moreover, multiple tests confirm that this new version consistently produces 3D prints that match the quality of the MK3S while at the same time presenting minimal or no operational issues. Therefore, it is more reliable and efficient in terms of three-dimensional printing.

MK3S Updates to make the MK3S+

For the pursa research to generate the new model (the pursa MK3S+), they had to upgrade the predecessor version by adding a SuperPINDA probe (brand new) to:

  • Improve the 1st layer calibration
  • Adding impeccable bearing of high quality
  • Adding valuable tweaks to the design to make assembling and maintaining the printer easier

Moreover, the new version contains all the impeccable capabilities of the predecessor’s models, which includes:

  • Heatbed bearing ejectable spring steel printing sheets
  • An auto mesh bed leveling
  • Power panic (recovery from power loss)
  • Safety features
  • Filament sensors

Moreover, this new model is still super silent, making it an efficient 3D printer to use at home.

Main Features of the Prusa i3 3D Printer

Full PCB Manufacturing

The SuperPinda Probe

The pursa i3 three-dimensional printer bears a superpinds probe that features a high-qual sensor for full auto mesh bed leveling operations. Moreover, before any print occurs, the pursa probes the superpinda bed in a couple of places and then generates a height map (virtual) of the printing area. Through this entire process, the printer can produce impeccable first layers every time.


The pursa i3 3D printer has a set of impeccable metal clips users utilize to achieve bearings along the Y axis. Moreover, the plastic X-end parts are now reinforced, and the belt tension mechanism along the X-axis is now reworked to improve the printer’s efficiency. Moreover, to offer more support to the flexible filaments, technicians altered the path of the filament inside the extruder. Therefore, the outcome is a reliable and efficient 3D printer.

Print Sheets (Removable)

The Spring Steel Sheets tend to be pretty easy to make and maintain. Moreover, Pursa provides three distinct print surfaces, which are the following:

  • Satin
  • Textured
  • Smooth

These print surface varieties cater to all the needs of users when they are developing 3D prints from a range of varying components. Moreover, most of these components don’t require special surface preparation or separation layers.

Parts of High Quality

The latest version of the Pursa i3 3D printers features a Y-axis aluminum extrusion assembly. Moreover, due to the efficient milled frame, pursa 3D printers are stable, easy to develop, and super rigid.

When you combine all these features with the built-in extruder, which features hotend V6 E3D and Bontech gears, you will find that this printer can print high-quality products that reach heights of around 210 millimeters in height.

Recovery from Power Loss

Are you scared that a blackout might occur and scramble your plans for developing your custom 3D design? When using the pursa i3 three-dimensional printer, you do not have to worry about this anymore. That is because this printer can efficiently and fully recover from any power loss case and then continue printing your design from where it stopped.

The pursa can achieve this feat via the detection technique. First, it detects any power interruptions, and when it sees one coming, it shuts down the extruder heating and the headbed. It then saves the current state of the printer, and then when the light comes back on, this printer uses this information to roll back to the last location.

Filament Sensor

The printer’s in-built filament sensors utilize a pretty reliable triggering system, which efficiently detects whether or not a filament is placed inside the extruder. Moreover, this sensor can easily detect any color and type of filament, making it efficient for its job. Additionally, it isn’t susceptible to any mechanical wear.

Open Source Firmware and Hardware

Pursa research efficiently develops great firmware products meant for their three-dimensional printer. Moreover, before they release any 3D printer to consumers, they must test it first. Additionally, regular updates and ongoing development ensure that all their 3D printers have useful and interesting features, for example:

  • Octoprint support
  • Time remaining estimation
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Mesh bed leveling
  • Auto calibration
  • Print sheet profile

Reasons why you should consider Working with Pursa i3 3D

There are many reasons you should consider working with Pursa i3. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Impeccable user support
  • In-built safety features
  • Community-friendly and open source
  • Upgradability


3D printers are a true marvel of technology. Their ease of utilization and efficiency makes them a tool that any 3D printing enthusiast wants to own. However, due to the many versions in the market today, finding the perfect one sometimes becomes a significant issue for many people. That is where the Prusa i3 3D printer comes to the rescue. Using this printer, you get impeccable features and a high efficacy rate. Therefore you will be developing your 3D designs within no time.

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