New feature released – convert Eagle .brd to Gerber file by one click online 

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Introduction <h2>

Eagle is a popular PCB design software used by many hardware engineers and makers for designing circuit boards. After finishing the PCB layout in Eagle, the next step is generating Gerber files from the Eagle .brd file to send for PCB manufacturing. However, this can be a tedious and error-prone process, especially for beginners.

To make this process simpler, we have released a new online tool that allows you to convert Eagle .brd files to Gerber files with just one click. This article will provide an overview of this new feature, its benefits, and a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Benefits of the new online Eagle .brd to Gerber converter <h2>

Here are some of the major benefits of using the new online Eagle .brd to Gerber converter:

  • Saves time – Manually generating Gerber files from Eagle involves many steps and can be time-consuming. Our automated tool converts your .brd file to Gerber in seconds with a single click.
  • Eliminates human errors – Manually going through the steps to export Gerbers leaves room for human errors. Our tool automatically handles the complexity, ensuring correct output.
  • Works online – No need to install any software. Our web-based tool works on any operating system and allows you to convert Eagle boards anytime, anywhere.
  • Optimizes Gerber generation – Our tool is designed to generate industry-standard Gerber files optimized for manufacturability.
  • Free to use – Our online .brd to Gerber converter is absolutely free to use. You can convert as many boards as you want.
  • Easy to use – Our tool has an intuitive interface that makes Eagle Gerber conversion effortless even for beginners.

Gerber file format overview <h2>

Before we dive into how to use the Eagle .brd to Gerber converter, let’s first understand what Gerber files are and why they are required for PCB manufacturing.

Gerber files are a standard file format used to convey PCB design data to manufacturers. They provide information about each layer of the PCB design in a format that machines can understand.

Here are the most common Gerber file types:

  • Gerber Top Copper (GTL) – Contains data for the top copper layer of the PCB.
  • Gerber Bottom Copper (GBL) – Contains data for the bottom copper layer.
  • Gerber Top Silkscreen (GTO) – Contains data for the top silkscreen printing.
  • Gerber Bottom Silkscreen (GBO) – Contains data for the bottom silkscreen printing.
  • Gerber Top Soldermask (GTS) – Contains data for the top soldermask layer.
  • Gerber Bottom Soldermask (GBS) – Contains data for the bottom soldermask layer.
  • Gerber Board Outline (GKO) – Contains data for the board profile/outline.
  • Gerber Drill (TXT/EXL/DRR) – Contains drill hole locations and sizes.

Without these layers properly defined in Gerber files, a PCB manufacturer will not be able to fabricate the boards correctly. Our online tool ensures all required layers are generated automatically.

Step-by-step guide to convert Eagle .brd to Gerber<h2>

Converting Eagle .brd to Gerber using our online tool involves just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Upload Eagle .brd file

Go and click on “Convert Eagle .brd to Gerber”. This will open the .brd to Gerber converter tool.

Click on the “Select .brd file” button and choose the Eagle .brd file from your computer that you want to convert.

Step 2: Download Gerber zip

Once you have selected the .brd file, the conversion will start automatically in the background. Within a few seconds, you will see a “Download Gerber Zip” button enabled.

Click on this button to download a zip file containing all the Gerber files converted from your Eagle .brd.

Step 3: Send Gerber zip to manufacturer

The downloaded Gerber zip contains all layers properly formatted as per industry standards. You can now directly send this zip file to your PCB manufacturer for prototyping or production.

And that’s it! In just 3 steps and a few seconds, you have converted your Eagle PCB design into a set of Gerber files using our automated online tool.

Why our Gerber generator is different <h2>

There are a few other basic Gerber generators online that allow Eagle to Gerber conversion. However, most have limited features and reliability. Here are some key things that make our tool different:

  • Proper layer formatting – Our tool ensures each layer is generated as per latest Gerber file format specs (RS-274X). Many basic converters output incorrect or outdated formats.
  • Comprehensive layer generation – All critical layers are generated, not just copper and drill. We provide top/bottom silkscreen, soldermask, board outline, etc.
  • Baked-in design rule checks – Our tool runs design rule checks during conversion to catch common manufacturing errors. Simple converters don’t do these checks.
  • Optimized for manufacturing – Our Gerbers are optimized for PCB fabrication. We apply techniques like adding mouse-bites, beveled edges and more based on the design.
  • High reliability – Our converter has a 99% success rate on complex boards. Basic tools often fail on anything beyond simple designs.
  • Fast processing – We use advanced algorithms to process .brd to Gerber conversion in seconds while ensuring proper outputs.
  • Active development – Our tool is continuously improved to support latest version of Eagle and output standards. One-off converters quickly become outdated.

In summary, while basic converters may work for simple boards, our online tool is purpose-built to handle even complex designs reliably and generate manufacturing-ready Gerber files.

Frequently Asked Questions <h2>

Here are answers to some common questions about our new online Eagle to Gerber converter:

1. What version of Eagle does your converter support?

Our converter supports Eagle .brd files from all versions – including the latest Eagle 9.x. It can handle files from both the free and paid versions.

2. Does your tool work on different operating systems?

Yes, our .brd to Gerber generator works seamlessly on Windows, Mac, Linux and any other OS since it is web-based. No software installation needed.

3. What happens if the .brd file has errors?

Our tool runs Eagle .brd files through design rule checks during conversion. If any errors are found, you will be notified so that you can fix them before generating Gerbers.

4. Can I convert multiple .brd files together?

Unfortunately, multi-file conversion is not supported currently. You have to upload and convert one .brd file at a time. However, you can convert unlimited boards for free.

5. Does your tool support different PCB fabrication specifications?

Yes, we allow specifying fabrication specs like PCB thickness, copper weight, soldermask color and more. This ensures the Gerbers are tailored for your board fabrication requirements.

6. Do I have to sign up to use the Eagle Gerber converter?

No sign up needed. You can directly use our tool without creating any account. Simply visit the website, upload .brd and download Gerbers.

Conclusion <h2>

Generating manufacturing-ready Gerber files from Eagle layouts is now super simple with our new automated online .brd to Gerber converter. In just a few seconds, you can convert your boards without any hassle or human errors.

With this new feature, we continue to pursue our mission of making electronics design and prototyping accessible and easy for everyone. Please try out the tool and let us know if you have any other feedback for improvements. We hope this will help accelerate your PCB projects. Visit to get started!