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Mojo 3D Printer

Over time, technology has advanced tremendously. We have come from an era where a single computer would fill an entire room and weigh tons while having low processing power to an age where we have laptops that are pretty tiny but also very powerful. However, one technological advancement that took the world by shock is the 3D printing technology. Moreover, using this technology, users and manufacturer are able to generate custom designs in 3D using three dimension printers.

However, after hitting the market a while back, the demand for these printers was higher than the supply. Actually, these gadgets were so scarce that they were only accessible to manufacturers and professionals. However, these gadgets are now available to the public through upgrades and more advancements in tech. Moreover, they come in many different varieties; hence you get to choose the type that fits your application area. However, out of the vast varieties of 3D printers that exist, one tends to stand out, known as the Mojo 3D printer. However, which features make this 3D printer distinct? And is it worth trying out?

The Mojo 3D Printer in a Nutshell

Mojo 3D

The Mojo 3D printer is an efficient piece of machinery with an impeccable design matching its reliability. The design of this gadget is so sophisticated that it will catch your eye at first glance. The intelligent positioning of different parts, which includes the inner filament brackets, makes the entire setup look clean and neat. Moreover, the high-quality components used in these gadgets make them look professional. Furthermore, the mojo configuration is incredible, making this design look even more posh.

The design of the mojo printer focuses on heat-regulated fully-enclosed chambers, which are supported by plastic outer casings and full metal frames. Moreover, the heating chamber is crucial in the design since this 3D printer only supports ABS filaments. That is because humidity and temperature regulations tend to be of great concern when printing using ABS. Getting these components wrong could ruin your design or your gadget entirely.

Although mojo 3D printers have dual extruder setups that utilize fused deposition technology for modeling, they differ from what most experts expect from this unique duality. Typically, most people expect this type of setup to bear two varying filaments or at least two varying colors of ABS or PLA. However, with mojo 3D, only a single extruder is utilized for ABS. Meanwhile, the other extruders extrude the SR-30 soluble supporting material. Focusing on the support part plays a significant role in producing high-quality 3D prints.

When generating mojo, Stratasys added some unique features to ensure that mojo printers do not utilize any mill open ABS sources. Instead, Mojo printers utilize ABSplus, an efficient thermoplastic (production grade) that mimics the durability and efficiency of bonafide production components. However, ABSplus have the added bonus of working hand in hand with support materials during the printing process to print efficiently print intricate overhangs, cavities, and recesses.

ABSplus Shipment

To ship ABSplus, technicians in Stratasys utilize proprietary filament cartridges. The proprietary filament cartridge is also known as a QuickPack printing engine and has a capacity of around eighty cubic inches. Moreover, these QuickPacks come in nine colors; therefore, you can select the color that fits your application.

However, the QuickPack engine doesn’t just contain the printer’s ABS; it also has disposable snap-in printing heads that are super easy to change (switch), just like the cartridges in standard printers.

Additionally, technicians fit every printing engine that efficiently communicates with the printer with a chip. The chip checks the amount of filament left; if the level is too low, the printer will not trigger print. Moreover, every cartridge is wrapped with foil to avoid ruining the ABS by making it brittle.

Moreover, the shipment will also include a cleaning support system known as WaveWash 5S, which acts like a bin for cleaning support.

Features of the Mojo 3D Printer

Mojo 3D printing


The mojo is not large as compared to another 3D printer. It covers a total area of about 127mm by 127mm by 127mm. Therefore, this printer can easily fit inside cramped spaces saving you money and space. However, even though this printer occupies a small space, it prints out high-quality 3D designs that even surpass the quality of the larger 3D printers.

Print Speed

Mojo only bears one printing speed, and therefore it can only print at a single-layer resolution of 170 microns or 17mm.

The idea behind this feature is to generate detailed 3D prints at each turn. And considering that the mojo hasn’t been in the market for a long time, we can understand that organizations need to pay great attention to detail.

Moreover, the “paying at most attention to details” carries on to the practicality part of these 3D printers with the technician adding the following features:

  • Internal brushes – users can utilize these brushes to clean the printer’s nozzles
  • Collection bins – these bins collect any excess filaments which are removed by the internal brushes

Moreover, the printer’s front doors bear a locking feature that ensures the chambers remain at a uniform temperature during the printing process.

Software Features

As per software programs, mojo comes bearing the popular Stratasys printing wizard tool that closely resembles the streamlined slicing app. Moreover, the utility has an easy-to-use interface that makes the entire setup super easy to run.

The Wizard undertakes most of the heavy lifting by queuing prints, scaling STL format files, and communicating with the 3D printer. The


Connectivity-wise, the mojo 3D printer utilizes a USB connection through a personal computer running on windows eight or windows 7.


Unfortunately, Mojo 3D printers aren’t in production anymore, therefore to gain any user support or guidance, you can only utilize the following resources:

  • Videos
  • User guides
  • Visit their online website

Moreover, the company also still provides the proprietary printing engine filament. Therefore, if you run out of these filaments, you can always contact them, and they will sort you out.


3D printers are, without a doubt, a force to reckon with in the tech industry. Their existence has altered so many things, and now some things that were complicated to undertake are super easy. With the mojo 3D printer, you get a pro-grade gadget bearing all the reliability, versatility, and precision you might require. Even though they come with a hefty price tag, 3D printing enthusiasts should not shy away from this piece of tech. Moreover, after utilizing it, you will find it a worthy long time investment due to the quality prints it produces.

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