Free PCB Ruler Give Away by RAY PCB – How to Get and Use It?

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Introduction to PCB Rulers

A PCB ruler, also known as a PCB layout ruler or a PCB design ruler, is an essential tool for anyone involved in the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCBs). These rulers are specially designed to assist in the accurate measurement and layout of PCB Components, tracks, and other features. RAY PCB, a leading PCB manufacturer, is currently offering a free PCB ruler give away, providing an excellent opportunity for electronics enthusiasts and professionals to acquire this valuable tool.

What is a PCB Ruler?

A PCB ruler is a specialized measuring tool that is used in the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards. Unlike regular rulers, PCB rulers have Specific markings and scales that are tailored to the needs of PCB design. These rulers typically feature both metric and imperial units, as well as various scales that are commonly used in PCB layout, such as 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4.

Why Use a PCB Ruler?

Using a PCB ruler offers several advantages over regular rulers or measuring tools. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Accuracy: PCB rulers are designed to provide highly accurate measurements, which is crucial in PCB design where even small errors can lead to issues with functionality or manufacturability.

  2. Efficiency: With scales and markings specific to PCB layout, a PCB ruler allows designers to quickly and easily measure and position components, tracks, and other features.

  3. Consistency: Using a PCB ruler ensures that measurements are consistent throughout the design process, reducing the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies.

How to Get Your Free PCB Ruler from RAY PCB

RAY PCB is currently offering a free PCB ruler to help support the electronics community. To get your free PCB ruler, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the RAY PCB website and navigate to the free PCB ruler give away page.

  2. Fill out the request form with your name, email address, and shipping information.

  3. Submit the form and wait for your free PCB ruler to arrive in the mail.

It’s important to note that this offer may be subject to availability and may end at any time, so it’s best to request your free PCB ruler as soon as possible.

How to Use Your PCB Ruler

Once you have received your free PCB ruler from RAY PCB, it’s time to put it to use in your PCB design projects. Here are some tips on how to effectively use your PCB ruler:

Understanding the Scales

PCB rulers typically feature multiple scales, each with a specific purpose. Some of the most common scales include:

Scale Description
1:1 Used for measuring actual sizes of components and features
1:2 Used for measuring half-sizes, useful for smaller PCB designs
1:4 Used for measuring quarter-sizes, useful for even smaller PCB designs

Measuring Components

To measure components using your PCB ruler, simply align the component with the appropriate scale on the ruler. For example, if you are working with a 1:1 scale, place the component directly against the ruler and read the measurement.

Laying Out Tracks

When laying out tracks on your PCB, use your PCB ruler to ensure that the tracks are straight and properly spaced. You can use the ruler’s edge to guide your placement of tracks, ensuring a neat and organized layout.

Checking Clearances

Your PCB ruler can also be used to check clearances between components, tracks, and other features. By measuring the distance between these elements, you can ensure that your PCB design meets the necessary clearance requirements for manufacturability.

Tips for Choosing the Right PCB Ruler

While the free PCB ruler from RAY PCB is an excellent option for many users, there are a few things to consider when choosing a PCB ruler for your specific needs:

  1. Material: PCB rulers are typically made from either stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel rulers are more durable and provide better accuracy, while plastic rulers are lighter and more affordable.

  2. Size: PCB rulers come in various sizes, so choose one that is appropriate for your workspace and PCB design needs. Common sizes include 6 inches, 12 inches, and 30 centimeters.

  3. Scales: Make sure that the PCB ruler you choose has the scales that are most relevant to your work, such as 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is the free PCB ruler from RAY PCB really free?
    Yes, the PCB ruler is completely free, including shipping. There are no hidden costs or obligations.

  2. How long does it take to receive the free PCB ruler?
    Shipping times may vary depending on your location, but most users report receiving their free PCB ruler within 2-4 weeks of submitting their request.

  3. Can I request more than one free PCB ruler?
    The free PCB ruler give away is limited to one ruler per person to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from this offer.

  4. Is the free PCB ruler suitable for professional use?
    Yes, the PCB ruler provided by RAY PCB is a high-quality tool that is suitable for both professional and hobbyist use.

  5. What should I do if I have problems with my free PCB ruler?
    If you encounter any issues with your free PCB ruler, contact RAY PCB’s customer support team for assistance. They will be happy to help you resolve any problems or answer any questions you may have.


The free PCB ruler give away by RAY PCB is an excellent opportunity for anyone involved in PCB design and fabrication to acquire a valuable tool at no cost. By understanding how to use your PCB ruler effectively, you can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of your PCB designs. Whether you are a professional engineer or a hobbyist, a PCB ruler is an essential addition to your toolkit, and with RAY PCB’s free give away, there has never been a better time to get one.