Maximize Your PCB Performance with FPC Adapter

FPC adapter

The world is experiencing continuous progress in technology. Such has resulted in the increased demand for more efficient and effective electrical connectors and adapters. Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Adapters are one of such solutions providing greater flexibility, higher performance levels, and improved durability. The solutions are good for revolutionizing the PCB industry. Artist 3D is one of such companies producing the best products in this line.

What is FPC Adapter?

Regarding electronics and circuitry, FPC stands for flexible printed circuits. We define an FPC connector as an important link connecting the flexible printed circuits/cables to printed circuit boards. FPC connectors are developing to ensure a solution for the ever-expanding market trends headed towards miniaturization. These electrical connectors have a design that provides the highest level of performance and durability while offering greater flexibility.

Flex PCB adapter

FPC describes circuits where there is the inclusion of components set to a flexible material. For example, you can use etched copper conductors and polyamide material to develop the FPC. They are available in 0.3mm thicknesses.

You can find flexible printed circuits in single-layer type, double-sided, or multilayer flex circuit types. The single-sided type has a single conductor layer composed of a conductive polymer or metal that attaches to a flexible dielectric film. The double-sided options have two conductor layers. Multilayer flex type has three or more conductor layers. Plating through holes is the common method to interconnect the layers.

We can use the FPC adapter in applications requiring a high-performance connection. Their design is so specific to handle the demands of higher-power applications and can handle greater voltages and currents. They can also withstand greater temperatures and vibrations.

Key Features of FPC Adapters

We already know that the purpose of designing FPC Adapters is to provide the highest levels of performance and durability. Some of the main features include:

  • Accommodating FFC/FPC cable
  • Having various options for centerline spacing
  • Can take ZIF (zero insertion force) & non-ZIF styles
  • They provide lightweight features with a small PCB footprint
  • Present in T/H and SMT PCB termination
  • No need for tooling
  • The presence of a locking feature contributes to a high retention force
  • You can find them in vertical and right-angle mounting orientations
  • They have kinked legs and solder pads helping in PCB retention
  • The right-angle orientation may have a bottom, top, or the dual contact

Benefits of the FPC Adapter

Flexible Circuit adapter

FPC Adapters offer several benefits over traditional connectors. Such advantages include the following:

  • They have a cost-saving advantage
  • FPC adapters are lightweight, making them suitable for such applications in portable devices, aerospace, datacom, and automotive, among many others
  • With the ZIF in place, it means no exertion of force on cable contact while undergoing assembly. This means the process is trouble-free, causing no damage to contacts
  • The cable is set in place with the locking actuator making the adapters good in high-vibration and shock applications
  • Their design featuring super low height profile enables them to fit in tight spaces
  • They are flexible. You can easily fold or bend them to suit your design or intended application.

The Versatile Applications of FPC Adapters

FPC adapters are not a new concept; it has been in the PCB industry for many years. The versatility FPC Adapters bring along is something we should be grateful for! In this part, we explore the applications of FPC Adapters in the PCB industry and discover their benefits! FPC adapters have considerably impacted industrial, commercial, and consumer markets and are a highly convenient and reliable solution.

Semiconductor Production Equipment

In many high-tech assemblies and test equipment, we use FPC Adapters for connecting different devices. Such devices may include Air Bearing Spindle (ABS), Pneumatic chuck, Vacuum chuck, Pick and Place machines, and much more.

We extensively use FPC adapters in the production of semiconductor devices. This industry’s highly precise and demanding nature requires reliable and accurate components. FPC adapters serve as an alternative to soldering and provide a more reliable interconnection between components. By eliminating the soldering aspect, FPC adapters can reduce the production time of semiconductors and allow for more efficient and accurate production. Furthermore, one can use FPC adapters to connect components with different form factors, enabling the production of more complex and versatile semiconductor devices.

Industrial Robots

There are different robots in the market, from small machines with a few axes to highly complex mechanisms with multiple axes. Industrial robots can apply to various tasks, from assembly line production to welding and 3D printing. FPC adapters connect different components of industrial robots and make them work together. Such a move can help reduce the complexity of wiring and connections. Additionally, FPC adapters are highly durable and can withstand harsh environments within the industrial workplace.

There is a continuous expansion in the electronics industry. Having one integrated robot system can help in performing even more complex tasks.

ATMs and Amusement Machines

Full PCB Manufacturing

ATM (automated teller machine) and Amusement Machine touchscreen-based units are becoming more widespread in the current world. The ATMs require a reliable and secure connection between components.

Most systems require multiple chips, adapters, and other components to connect various machines. FPC Adapters can reduce the interferences as they enable interface communication between different machines without any external connectors or limits on the number of interfaces they can use. This enables one to have a more efficient and uncluttered system, providing better functionality at a lower cost. FPC adapters are also durable and can withstand wear and tear in the amusement industry.

Handy Terminals

We use handy terminals in retail settings, and the components require a reliable and secure connection. The terminals are small and pocket-sized credit card swipers connected to a terminal with the FPC adapter. They convert credit card information into an electronic format. The process involves card information identification, validation, and processing. FPC adapters enable better connectivity between cards and terminals. We can also use them for other applications, such as connecting different machines for automated payment processes.

Smart Meters

Many of you have interacted with smart meters in various areas, from households to industries. Smart meters measure the energy consumption of a building, home, or business. There should be a reliable and secure connection between components. FPC Adapters are a practical and affordable solution to connect these devices. Smart meters play a key role in the energy management landscape, especially for industrial automation.

Security Equipment

Flexible PCB Adapters

We can also use FPC Adapters to connect security equipment, including door systems and gunshot detectors. By using FPC Adapters, one can connect these devices and create a shared communication system. Since these devices are often used in unattended locations, they need to be secured and safe – the flexibility of FPC Adapters allows the user to securely fasten them together without the possibility of removing any components.


FPC Adapters are an innovative and effective solution for maximizing your PCB performance. These connectors provide higher voltages and currents than traditional connectors, as well as greater flexibility and improved durability. So whether you’re looking for improved performance or increased durability, FPC Adapters are the perfect solution.

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