Top 10 Flexible Printed Circuit Manufacturers & How To Choose The Best Supplier?

Flex PCBs are worth the hype among high-tech industries. However, you cannot choose a random flex PCB for your device. It requires a lot of considerations that fulfill your device specifications, as the flex PCB designed for medical devices cannot be used for telecommunication devices. Therefore, ensure that the manufacturer you choose for your PCB must meet all needs and requirements. 

Features Of The Best Flexible Printed Circuit Manufacturers

There are many factors that need to be overlooked before hiring a flex PCB manufacturer. But the foremost thing is that manufacturers must be skilled enough to guide and understand which PCB is ideal for your industry. Here are some understanding features to help you in choosing the best Flex printed circuit manufacturer. 

· Understanding the Requirements of Customers

The primary duty of the best manufacturer is to understand every single requirement of the design and manufacturing process of the PCB, as it is their vital job to provide an error-free and full-functional PCB at your doorstep.

· Adhere to Industry Requirements

A best PCB manufacturer must be determined to work by following all the standards and regulations of IPC, UL, And ISO. Flex PCBs are mostly used in high-temperature devices, which is why the manufacturer must follow fire accreditation standards to avoid unwanted events. Look for the standards and certificates marked on the company’s portfolio. 

· Help in Evaluating Requirements

Manufacturers must have a team of specialized and skilled technicians and engineers who helps in choosing the right Flex board for your device. They should know the market trend. Since the manufacturing process of flex PCBs requires several steps that is why only a skilled technician can help you understand better which step needs which requirements. 

· Discussing The Technologies Used in Fabrication

Flex PCBs are quite a complex type of circuit board that require advanced technologies and equipment. It goes through several stages of development and testing. Therefore, to get a quality flex PCB, ensure that the manufacturer must own advanced technologies for testing so it won’t be a hassle later. 

How To Choose Suitable Flexible Printed Circuit Manufacturers?

Full PCB Manufacturing

An ideal Flex Printed Circuit Board manufacturer can easily be found. But it is not as simple as it seems. There are some factors that you always need to check before hiring any manufacturers. First, ensure that the manufacturer must be a skilled company with an expert team. Then see whether the flex board manufacturer possesses all expertise and advanced technologies to meet PCB requirements. Flex circuit boards are complex, which is why it requires years of hard work to master the precision in the manufacturing process of flex PCBs. 

However, your search does not end here if they have the right equipment or not. You have to ensure that they have the right team who knows how to operate advanced technologies to forecast the right movement, thermal coefficient, and material to make a resilient circuit board, as it is an essential step to achieving a flex board. 

Then check for quality assurance. Quality products are always the priority of the best manufacturers. Since the flex PCBs are quite expensive and require expertise, that is why ensures the quality of the product. To ensure the quality of the ideal flex PCB, check the high-density, high thermal conduction ability and must have high-speed signal traces. 

Look for a standard certificate. An ideal PCB manufacturer abides by the rules provided to meet high-quality products. One of the main certificates is UL 94 V-O, a fire resistance standard. This ensures that the manufacturer you choose prioritizes quality over anything else. 

Another yet important factor is to look at whether the PCB manufacturer is able to provide flex PCB in any design you need or not. This is considered an essential requirement as it is the first thing you tell your manufacturer about the device you need a flex PCB for. Therefore, they must opt to build the desired size PCB meeting your products’ needs. 

There are various factors that affect the overall cost of the manufacturing process of flex PCB which includes design, expertise, and material. However, some things like solder masks and base materials affect the cost most. That is why talk with your PCB manufacturer about the materials and the overall cost of the flex PCB. 

Therefore, discussing every detail about the flex PCB with the manufacturer is necessary. Information like design, utilization, quantity, and material all matters a lot in the durability and efficiency of the final flex PCB. This reduces your later tensions and provides a durable product.

Top Flexible Printed Circuit Manufacturers

Flex PCB Assembly

1. Cicor Group

Cicor Group is one of the leading industries for manufacturing flexible PCB. Advanced technology usage is the primary factor why this company is leading the PCB industry and produces quality products around the globe. 

Customers are already in awe of getting highly efficient and functional PCB. Especially the 3D miniaturization design they add in their every flexible printed circuit board that takes the customer’s heart. 

Cicor Group uses a totally different technique and method to design and manufacture the whole flexible PCB from scratch. They use special standardized finishing material which supports all the finishing used in the whole assembly of the flex circuit board. 

2. Ray PCB

RayMing PCB Assembly or RayMing Technology is always on the front line in introducing quality printed circuit boards in front of industries. They are specialized in producing all types of flexible printed circuits. With the experience of so many years in the PCB industry, RayMing is one the reliable, flexible printed circuit board manufacturers. However, there are some special features that keep the RayMing PCB Assembly different from its opponents. 

The company owns specialized and experienced technicians who are well aware of every little detail about designing and manufacturing flex PCBs. What is more important than leaving your flex PCB in the hands of the skilled team? This is so important to get a durable flex PCB which saves a lot of money in the future as there would not be a need to replace any parts of the circuit. 

Moreover, the company takes orders from every small to big industry. They do not discriminate between their customers and treat them equally. They also give a hefty discount on large orders of flex PCBs. The customer services of RayMing PCB Assembly offer quality assistance to every customer. They are ready to help and solve your problems in real-time.

3. OurPCB


OurPCB is known for providing quality and high-efficient designs of printed circuit boards. For the last few years, the company has managed to create many flexible printed circuits that are ideal for various devices. 

If you are in search of versatile and unique designs of flexible PCBs, then OurPCB is one of the trusted manufacturers. Other than providing versatile designs of flex PCB, the company also offers various other services. The company team helps you to select suitable material for the PCB. They also support Lamination, Etching, Baking, Sharp Processing, and Hot melting. 

They specialize in offering different forms of flex PCBs, including Single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer flex PCBs. Blanking and drilling are included in their full-scale manufacturing process of flexible printed circuit boards. OurPCB is also known for quick deliveries as the product is ready to deliver without making customers wait for long.

4. PCBWay

PCBWay is widely known for designing flexible printed circuit boards with over 8-layers. However, if you are looking for multi-layer flexible PCBs, then PCBWay is one of the best choices.

PCBWay developed quite a lot and gained popularity in recent years by developing a handful of designs of flexible PCBs. The company has also won the customer’s hearts by providing quality flex PCBs. 

Moreover, PCBWay is experienced in providing flexible printed circuits. They not only provide multi-layers but also take orders for producing single-layer flex PCBs. 

5. Hitech Circuits Company Limited

10 Layer Flex PCB

Hitech Circuits Company Limited is widely known for its diverse PCB designs. Since the manufacturing process of PCBs is not only focused on one point. There are various other factors to look at. However, the company is able to provide the customers with diversification while prioritizing all other factors of the manufacturing process.

The company’s main quality is that they develop printed circuit boards by using both technologies of Through-hole and Surface-mounted to create high-quality flex printed circuit boards. 

6. Cirexx International

Cirex International is one of the oldest yet most famous PCB manufacturing companies. It was founded in the 1980s. Since then, it has gained the title of one of the topmost PCB manufacturing companies globally. 

The company revolves around the motive of providing one-stop solutions regarding printed circuit board manufacturing. They are widely known for providing PCB prototypes, PCB designs, Rigid printed circuit manufacturing, HDI printed circuit boards, customization manufacturing PCB, Quick turn PCBs, and the testing of highly efficient flexible printed circuit boards. 


PCBOnline is widely known for producing flexible circuit boards. They are specialized in flexible printed circuits in every aspect. Instead of visiting their physical factory, they give a full experience of meeting on their website. You can easily save a lot by just ordering through their website. They ask for your details and requirements and then send you a detailed quotation so that you get an idea of the overall cost of manufacturing flex PCBs.

Other than designing and manufacturing flexible printed circuit boards, PCBOnline also provides other services. They provide the design and manufacturing of rigid PCB, High-density circuit boards, assembly of the high-volume printed circuit board, and aluminum printed circuits. 

8. Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec is a high-tech company known for miniature flex circuit boards. The company provides high-quality design and manufacturing of high-efficient flexible PCBs. The company has an experienced and skilled team that gives full support to your ideas and requirements and provides a fully functional, flexible PCB. They also have great customer service, which never disappoints you.

Other than designing and assembly of flexible circuit boards, Epec also provides other services. 

They provide PCBS to industries for Medical devices, Instrumentation consumables, hearing pieces, RFID tags, Semiconductor packaging, Industrial sensors, and Antennas.

9. Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech is reputedly known for providing quality and exceptional flexible printed circuit boards. The company is opting to invest in various types of materials to facilitate conventional and flexible PCBs. Moreover, the company also uses the Internet of Vehicles, %G, AI, and IoT to generate different solutions to various problems.

They simplify the whole designing and manufacturing process of flex PCBs in distinct ways to give special services. At the same time, their main aim is not only to give versatility in the PCBs but also to satisfy customers with excellent customer service. 

10. Shennan Circuits

Shennan circuits are not just any company that designs and manufactures printed circuit boards. But it is one of the leading companies that is working for the advancement of the design and manufacturing process of PCBs. It was the oldest PCB Company, established in 1984.

Since then, with their exceptional knowledge and experience in the field of the PCB manufacturing industry, the company has opted to bring new techniques and designs for printed circuit boards. It is working globally. Its production factory is based in North America and China. The company also owns an R&D site in Europe.


Flexible Circuit Boards depict the weight of the device it is used in. That is why they must be lightweight and function efficiently. It is a complex process to design and manufacture it. Therefore, you need a team of skilled and experienced technicians who can design and manufacture a high-efficient PCB in real-time. This not only provides a durable and reliable product but also reduces the time and cost of the whole production of PCBs. 

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