Top 15 Flex PCB Manufacturing Companies and Suppliers in the World

FPC is a type of printed circuit board with a flexible feature. It is also known as Flex PCB. FPC was first established in the 1970s by the U.S. technology industry. Thin polyester is used to make these types of FPC to gain high flexibility. 

Other than being flexible, these flex PCBs possess the qualities of being lightweight, small in size, have high thermal conduction, and can easily be stretched and twisted with easy installation ability. 

However, these FPC are quite complex to manufacture and need high maintenance. That is why this article gives you detailed information about the 15 best FPC printed circuit board manufacturing companies. 

1. RayMing Technology

Flex PCB Assembly

Rayming Technology is widely known for its flex-rigid PCBs, which is why it is termed Rayming PCB & Assembly. This company has developed various distinct flex-rigid PCBs for many brands. Moreover, it also provides a whole guideline tool along with a flex-rigid PCB, which aids users in completing their tasks without wasting time in understanding. The main concern regarding the flex-rigid circuit board is the less space on the board. However, Rayming has a team of specialized engineers who are ready to help and find solutions for your flex-rigid PCB. 

Rayming has developed immensely. It has been awarded the U.T. Inventions award. Moreover, it acquired two more companies, including KCA electronics and Marcel Electronics. It started investment in the Shenzhen Factory while expanding the land in the Malta factory. 


Suzhou Dongshan Precision company is one of the renowned manufacturing companies globally. It is successfully providing complex components for the Internet of things devices, especially metal precisions and telecommunication devices, interconnect solutions, and LED appliances. 

DSBJ is dedicated to delivering consumers with one-stop device solutions. That is why it is participating in the development of industries with the production of the core of devices by providing precision electronics and precision metal. The major manufacturing products include filters, antennae for the telecom industry, PCBs, touch devices, LEDs, LCM modules, Small displays, whole display machines for the consumer industry, radiators, PCBs, and structural parts for the automobile industry. 

According to its popularity and reliability, DSBJ is the world’s largest Flexible PCB manufacturing company. In manufacturing conventional PCBs, it’s on the third number, while first in manufacturing LED parts. It does not only stop here; it is also widely known for its touch devices and telecommunication equipment. 

3. HonFlex

Xiamen Hongxin Electron-tech was established in 2003. This company is a pivotal high-tech corporation of the National Torch Program. It is widely known for its high research, design, and manufacturing technique of flexible PCBs for engineering and national intelligent pilot enterprise. 

In May 2007, this company was listed in A-share companies of china. Since it is the leader in manufacturing FPC in China, it successfully started independent research on width via’s diameters, traces width, thickness and thinness of PCBs, and polyimide material. With the passage of time, the development has paid off and the innovation in polyimide material created a component that is essential for flexible and 5G devices. 

4. SDG

10 Layer Flex PCB

SDG Precision Tech, which was also known by the name of 3 Gold’s, is a leading company of manufacturing flex circuitry. It is mainly focused on tablets, smartphones, and automobile parts devices. It is in working for 12 years in the Chinese industry. With its reliable and highly efficient products, it has now become one of the leading Flexible PCB manufacturing companies in China, mainly specializing in smartphones. 

5. JCD

Jingcheng Circuit Technology, or JCD, was founded in the midst of 2003 in Shenzhen. It is widely known for manufacturing and component assembly of flexible printed circuit boards. The main factory of JCD in Shenzhen is a highly modernized building with an ultra-clean plant lying on the land of 12,000 square meters. Currently, the monthly manufacturing capacity of the factory in Shenzhen is about 15k square meters for single-sided boards, 20k square meters for double-sided boards, and 10k square meters for multi-layered and rigid-flex boards. 


Yidong Electronic Technology was established in 1997. The main focus of the company is on the production of precision electronics like connectors, components, flex PCBs, and LED modules. It has been working in the industry for over 20 years and successfully comes up with integrated solutions for precision PCB designs, stamping, injection molding, assembly, testing, and the whole manufacturing process providing clients with one-stop solutions with their phenomenal services. 

7. Smartron

Smarton Technology was developed in Suzhou in 1992. Since then, the company has been committed to providing printed circuit board solutions for digital audio and wireless antennas by speeding up the wireless nation of electronic devices. The company mainly manufactures single-layered, double-layered, flexible, flex-rigid PCBs, Teflon, and high-frequency devices for pets. 

The manufactured product is then further used in antennas of smartphones, laptops, satellites, RFID tags, high-frequency devices, transmitters, microphones in smartphones, earpieces, and wire control headsets. The main client list of Smartron includes Moto, Nokia, Sony, Lg, Samsung, Apple, IBM, Dell, Hp, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, and some communication, entertainment, and mobile stations. 

8. Transimage

Full PCB Manufacturing

Transimage Technology is a Jiangsu-based company. This company is mainly interested in developing, researching, manufacturing, and selling notebook computer-based devices. It is the world’s largest fourth brand of manufacturing keyboards. It mainly supplies flex PCBs to Hp, Lenovo, Dell, and Asus for providing keyboard support to their notebook computers. It has a total 40% share in the China market and a 20.5% share in the global market.

9. Danbond

Danbond Technology was founded in 2001 and is based in Shenzhen. It is an A-listed company in the Stock Exchange market of Shenzhen. Danbond is mainly focused on developing and manufacturing R&D, Flex PCBs, and the materials used in them. For the past 22 years, Danbond has gained immense popularity by creating a national center of R&D for Flex PCBs and their materials. It is one of the largest suppliers of flex PCBs design, material, manufacturing process, assembly, insulation, and components.  

Danbond is a highly professional and skilled manufacturer company for not only the Flex PCBs but its core circuitry, materials, and coverlay. It provides a chain service for flex PCB designs, production, assembly, and encapsulating related solutions. 

10. Kinwong

Kinwong is not only a PCB manufacturer but also known for providing high-quality and reliable circuit boards. It is specialized in manufacturing PCBs for consumer electronic and medical appliances. Consumers are already in awe of the high performance of these PCBs. Moreover, the company highly prioritizes the needs and requirements of the customer to give quality products. 

11. Anyuanda

Anyuanda Electronics was established in 2004 and is based in Shenzhen on a land of 15k square meters. This high-tech company is mastered in manufacturing single, double, multilayer, and flex PCB with both rigid and flexible combinations. These final PCBs are then used in various industries, including consumer electronics, military, optoelectronic devices, LED lights, and energy vehicles. 

Anyuanda owns an ultra-clean plant, highly advanced automatic manufacturing machines, and testing devices with a full manufacturing process. The monthly production capacity of Anyuanda is 35k square meters and 4 million square meters annually. Since its establishment, Anyuanda has cleared all the management certificates, and the products have met all the RoHS regulations by passing the test of SGS.

12. Yongfeng Group

Yongfeng group is widely known for providing high-quality and reliable PCBs around the globe. It is one of the highly rated PCB manufacturing companies. The company owns advanced software and technologies to ensure the precision of the whole manufacturing process of PCB. Moreover, the company is certified by highly trusted U.L. certification, which guarantees the quality of PCB. This company is specialized in the production of rigid-flex printed circuit boards, its components other than single, double, and multilayer PCBs. 

13. IEC Electronic Corp

IEC Electronics Corporation is widely known for contract services for electronics, loads of cable and wire, and circuit boards. The company owns over 1300 specialized employees with advanced technologies and machinery to produce electronic devices. 

IEC Electronics Corporation was established in 1974. The early two working years of the company were highly profitable. The company bought 3 Million dollars in revenue and 4 million dollars in the next year. However, the company got popular in producing consumer products like Games, T.V.s, UHF, VHF, paging receivers, portable radios, and encoding control devices for base-station.

14. Murrietta Circuits

Murrietta Circuits is one of the leading manufacturers known for producing flex-rigid PCBs. The company uses modern and advanced technology and devices to produce PCBs. It also used advanced materials for PCBs like chemical gold, polyimide, and immersion tin. Murrietta Circuits is also known for its PCB burn-in services. 

The company goes through different experiments to create a unique PCB by combining both flex and rigid circuit boards. It is a multilayer flexible circuit that requires high precision. However, the company is dedicated to meeting all the requirements of the customer and providing a high-quality rigid-flex PCB

15. Shenlian Circuits

Shenlian Circuits is a china based high-tech company. It owns over 400 experienced employees. The main focus of the company is on the production of both rigid and flexible PCBs. It used advanced technologies and equipment and designed unique styles of PCBs. Moreover, it is also known for meeting all the requirements of the customers. Deadlines and quality products are its specialties as they ensure to provide the final product as per your needs. 

Shenlian Circuits is specialized in producing thin, Flexible PCBs with high precision and quality. They are widely used in digital cameras and smartphones. 

Top Advantages Of Flex PCB Manufacturing

Kicad Flex PCB

It is most likely beneficial to consider the advantages of a flex-rigid printed circuit board before starting the process. The manufacturing process of making flex-rigid PCBs is customizable and flexible, and strong enough to bear U.V. rays and high heat. 

· Customizability

A rigid-flexible printed circuit board can easily be customized to meet the design and needs of the device. This feature allows the manufacturer to mold the board as per customer specifications and requirements. Since the rigid-flexible circuit is customizable, it can be molded into any size and shape. Other than the traditional one, the material used in it can also be customized. It is ideal for prototype PCBs. 

This customized feature offers further various advantages to the manufacturer. For instance, a 3D device with a flexible PCB needs few solder joints and consumes less space which ultimately requires less complexity and assembly time. However, it enhances the electrical conduction ability and reduces heat dissipation. In short, it is best for consumer devices as per customer needs.

· Reliability

The rigid-flexible printed circuit boards are best suited for mini-devices. With its small size and bending and twisting ability, it can easily fit in compact spaces, which is ideal for creating sophisticated circuit boards. As it possesses flexibility, that is why it is much lighter than traditional PCBs. Moreover, it is easy to install and handle them. They are easily evaluated and tested before the installation process, which saves a lot of time. 

The design of a Rigid-Flexible printed circuit board is the same as the conventional rigid board, but it processes flexibility. Moreover, the design can be more simplified and streamlined with the support of experienced rigid-flexible PCB manufacturers. 

· Cost

The main cost factor in the production of Rigid-flexible PCB is the material used in it. FR4 substrate is used in laminating the rigid board. The flexible layer is made up of polyimide. Flex circuit boards possess uniform thickness, which enhances both thermal and electrical properties. The thickness of the flex layer is 1 to 5 mil more than the FR4 substrate. However, the material used for flexible boards costs at least double and sometimes more than Rigid board material. Moreover, it also contains fewer solder joints which ultimately reduces the overall cost of the product.


Flex PCBs are quite complex and require precision in the manufacturing process which is why it is essential to find the best PCB manufacturer. The above-listed manufacturers are the top best PCB manufacturers present in China. Rigid-Flex PCBs requires not only precision but advanced technology, material, and skills which can only be gained from top manufacturers. 

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