Create a Stunning 3D Paper Snowflake with These Simple Steps

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Are you looking for a fun and easy craft project to do with your kids or for a festive decoration to add to your home? Look no further than making a 3D paper snowflake! These snowflakes are a classic winter decoration that can be made with just a few basic materials and some simple folding techniques.

To make a 3D paper snowflake, all you need is paper, scissors, and glue. The process is simple and can be done in just a few steps. First, fold a square sheet of paper in half diagonally twice. Then, take one corner of the sturdy square paper and fold it to meet the opposite corner to make a triangle. Finally, fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle. Repeat this process with five more squares of paper, and then glue them together to create a beautiful 3D snowflake.

Whether you’re making them to decorate your home or to keep your kids entertained on a cold winter day, making 3D paper snowflakes is a fun and easy project that is sure to bring some winter cheer. So, grab some paper and scissors and get ready to create a winter wonderland in your own home!


When making a 3D paper snowflake, you will need a few basic materials to get started. Here are the materials you’ll need:


The first thing you’ll need is paper. You can use regular white copy paper, color paper, metallic paper, scrapbook paper, or even recycled paper. Get creative! The size of the paper will depend on how big you want your snowflake to be. You can use any size of paper, but we recommend using square paper for best results.


You will need a pair of scissors to cut the paper into the right shape. Make sure your scissors are sharp and easy to handle. You may also want to have a pair of small scissors or precision scissors on hand for more detailed cutting.


You will need glue or glue sticks to hold the paper together. We recommend using a glue stick because it’s easier to apply and won’t make the paper wrinkly. You can also use regular white glue, but be careful not to use too much because it can make the paper soggy.


A ruler can be helpful in measuring the paper and ensuring that it’s cut straight. You can use any type of ruler, but we recommend using a clear plastic ruler because it’s easier to see the paper underneath.


You will need a pencil to draw the pattern on the paper before cutting. A regular pencil will work just fine.


You may also want to have an eraser on hand to correct any mistakes you make while drawing the pattern.

By gathering these materials, you will be ready to start making your own 3D paper snowflake. With a little bit of patience and creativity, you’ll have a beautiful decoration to display in no time!


Follow these simple steps to create your own 3D paper snowflake:

Step 1: Folding the Paper

  1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it in half diagonally, twice.
  2. Take one corner of the sturdy square paper, and fold it to meet the opposite corner to make a triangle.
  3. Fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.

Step 2: Cutting the Paper

  1. Use your scissors to cut 3 evenly-spaced vertical slits along one of the short sides of the triangle, stopping each slit before you reach the other side.
  2. Turn the paper over and repeat the same process on the other side.

Step 3: Unfolding the Paper

  1. Unfold the paper all the way so it’s a square again.
  2. Tape the tips of the 2 innermost flaps together.
  3. Flip the paper over and tape the tips of the next 2 flaps together.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 with 5 more squares of paper.
  2. Glue the 6 pieces together to form the 3D snowflake.
  3. Hang your snowflake up and enjoy!

Remember, practice makes perfect! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different paper sizes or colors to create unique snowflakes.

Tips and Tricks

Choosing the Right Paper

When making a 3D paper snowflake, choosing the right paper is essential. You want to select a paper that is sturdy enough to hold its shape but also thin enough to fold easily. A lightweight paper like printer paper or origami paper works well. You can also use tissue paper or wrapping paper, but be careful not to tear it while folding.

If you want your snowflake to have a more festive look, consider using patterned paper or paper with a metallic finish. Keep in mind that thicker paper may be more difficult to cut and fold, so it’s best to stick with thinner paper if you’re new to making 3D snowflakes.

Adding Glitter or Paint

To add some sparkle to your 3D paper snowflake, you can use glitter or paint. If you’re using glitter, apply it after you’ve finished folding and cutting your snowflake. You can use a paintbrush to apply glue to the edges of your snowflake and then sprinkle glitter over it. Shake off any excess glitter and let it dry.

If you prefer to use paint, apply it before you start folding and cutting your snowflake. You can use a sponge or a paintbrush to apply the paint to your paper. Let it dry completely before you start folding and cutting. Keep in mind that adding paint or glitter may make your paper stiffer, so you may need to adjust your folding technique accordingly.

Other Tips

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when making a 3D paper snowflake:

  • Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut your paper. Dull scissors may result in jagged edges or tears.
  • Take your time when folding and cutting your snowflake. Rushing may result in mistakes or uneven cuts.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your snowflake to hold its shape, try using a small amount of glue to hold the edges together.
  • Experiment with different folding techniques and patterns to create unique snowflakes.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make beautiful 3D paper snowflakes that are sure to impress your friends and family.


In conclusion, making a 3D paper snowflake is a fun and easy craft project that can be done with just a few supplies. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you can create a beautiful and unique decoration for your home or office.

Remember to start with a square piece of paper and fold it in half diagonally to create a triangle. Then, fold it in half again to create a smaller triangle. Continue folding the paper in thirds until you have six identical triangles. Cut off the extra strip of paper at the bottom and unfold your paper to reveal a beautiful 3D snowflake.

To add a bit more pizazz to your snowflake, consider using patterned or colored paper. You can also experiment with different sizes to create a variety of snowflakes to hang in your window or on your wall.

Overall, making a 3D paper snowflake is a great way to get creative and add a bit of winter wonderland to your space. So grab some paper, scissors, and tape, and get started on your own unique snowflake creation today!