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American 70s vintage Luxury car • (.obj) OBJ software
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Transportation Objects cars which was hailed as

Category: Transportation Objects
Submission date: 2017-03-09 18:16:22
Software expertise:  Unspecified AutoDesk software, AutoCad, Maya, Adobe, Poser, Microsoft, etc.
Download: free (.obj) OBJ file: Transportation Objects/
Format: (.obj) OBJ
Size: 188.83 KB
Model views: 303
Downloaded: 95 times

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Friday, January 28, 2022
3D artist, Model source: Max
Email: @Private
Website: ..
* NOTE: American 70s vintage Luxury car, (.obj) OBJ PROVIDED 'AS IS'

A 70s luxury car in .obj and .3ds formats. It is low poly count and include textures. A personal luxury car is an American car classification describing a highly styled, mass produced, luxury vehicle with an emphasis on image over practicality. Chrysler Imperial Imperial?the name alone sounds as if the car was designed to overtake all weaker forms of automotive life. A landyacht is a term used to describe luxurious recreational vehicles and is an informal term for large automobiles. Other descriptors of these cars include 'slab', 'luxobarge', 'lead sled', or 'yank tank'. These terms refer to the largest full-sized cars made by U.S. The 70s cars were built at a time when American automakers were being ... One 70s cars which was hailed as "action and elegance in a sporty personal luxury. 3ds car, vehicle, transportation, road, street, vintage, old, light, tires.

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