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Twisted Tree Wicker sticks sick plant firewood,
(.3ds) 3D Studio Max software
Nature Objects

A 3D model of a gnarly, twisted tree. Perfect for dark and scary fantasy environments. Texture not included..

Twisted Tree Wicker sticks sick plant firewood, Nature Objects, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max

Free Noncommercial
3D Model Library
Format: (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
File: Pangea3D_TwistedTree1.zip
Size: 369.61 KB
Model views: 1,918
Downloaded: 599 times

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Voters: 292
Category: Nature Objects
3D artist, Model source: Alexandre Genovese
Email: alex@pangea3d.com
Website: http://www.pangea3d.com ..
Submission date: 2009-08-20 08:22:52
Model download:   free (.3ds) 3D Studio Max file/ Nature Objects/ Pangea3D_TwistedTree1.zip
Software expertise:  3D Studio Max and Maya

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Twisted Tree Wicker sticks sick plant firewood, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
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