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December 2011
Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Transportation Objects
Chess board figurines, (.max) 3ds max, Household Items
Poser prop laying woman, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Tree green plant design, (.blend) Blender, Nature Objects
LTP-120 armored army tank, (.max) 3ds max, Military Objects
John7 Doe7
Stephan W.
November 2011
Pagani Huayra sports car, (.max) 3ds max, Transportation Objects
Woman seating pose, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Alien Girl Asari Mass Effect Race, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Walking female pose, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Chevrolet Camaro 2008 sports car, (.max) 3ds max, Transportation Objects
Ankur SIngh
Ankur SIngh
October 2011
Victory-Pobeda car GAZ M20, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Transportation Objects
Piazza san pietro vatican city, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Architecture Objects
Audi R8 V10 luxury car model, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Transportation Objects
Lara Croft Tomb Raider, (.max) 3ds max, Life Forms
Chopper bike custom motorcycle, (.max) 3ds max, Transportation Objects
Alex Kuntz
Ankur SIngh
September 2011
Spiderman Comics superhero figure, (.max) 3ds max, Life Forms
Max9 classic chess game, (.max) 3ds max, Miscellaneous
Starship Troopers Bugs, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Meeting room office visualization, (.max) 3ds max, Architecture
Mythical fantasy creature Satyr Faun, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Rodolfo Roth
John7 Doe7
George Mezori
August 2011
Clone trooper captain, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Heroic Women fantasy Adventure, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
The Classic Car red antique auto vintage, (.max) 3ds max, Transportation
Mechanoid Warriors mercenary soldier, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max, Life Forms
Master Croc Crocodile Bandit, (.blend) Blender, Life Forms
Emilio Lorenzo
Jackson Lau
Sandeep Kumar
Arthur Athayde
July 2011
Woman Character Jessica prop, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Predator alien character, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Alien Queen scifi creature, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Alien Queen female character, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Classic Bike v-twin motorcycle, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Poser6 Prop
Franz Muenz
John7 Doe7
June 2011
Living Room Night Scene, (.max) 3ds max
Harley Davidson Bobber Motorcycle, (.max) 3ds max
Buell great motorcycle, (.max) 3ds max
Aircraft suit NASA Mercury spacesuit, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Winter Scene snow mountains, (.max) 3ds max
Ram Pratap Singh
Heru Setiaji
Heru Setiaji
Michael Carbajal
May 2011
Forklift Delta-2030 fiction freight vehicle, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Render ready Kitchen interior, (.max) 3ds max
Drum set band equipment, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Sci-fi invader military mission, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
golden Pistol automatic gun firearm, (.max) 3ds max
kravick nuga
Ali Shirazi
April 2011
Assassin Creed Altair Desmond Miles, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Simba Lion King toon character, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Yugo Koral In Night rider car, (.max) 3ds max
Honda cbr600 power bike motorcycle, (.max) 3ds max
Alien Woman figure AI, (.blend) Blender
Mihael Merkler
Brynn, ZAR
Stephan W.
March 2011
Woman performance ballet dancer, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Porsche 911 GT3 high performance sports car, (.max) 3ds max
Bugatti Veyron modern supercar, (.max) 3ds max
residential design interior decor, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Residential Architecture Apartment Buiding, (.max) 3ds max
gupta (Poser7)
MIT Trivedi
Himanshu Shah
February 2011
BODYBUILDER Poser Prop James, (.max) 3ds max
 Lexus 2054 concept car sci-fi auto, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
 Ballet dancer classic ballerina performer, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
Armored car Saber military transport, (.max) 3ds max
Housing Project Design, (.max) 3ds max
gupta (Poser)
January 2011
Superman MK vs. DC Universe Superman fighting game (.blend) Blender
 Go-Kart motor sports race carting, (.max) 3ds max
 MK vs. DC Universe Batman fighting game, (.blend) Blender
 Table decoration restaurant accessories, (.3ds) 3D Studio Max
 House building residential home, (.max) 3ds max
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June 30, 2015
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